Von Garngewichten und Lauflängen - Pascuali

All About Yarn Weight and Yardage

Most probably everyone knows that in the world of yarns there are thin yarns, thicker yarns, and really thick yarns. From wafer-thin to finger-thick, the range in yarn shops and online shops is qui...
Pilling bei Strickstücken aus Wolle – was kann man dagegen tun? - Pascuali

Pilling in Knitwear - What Can You Do About It?

Pilling is an annoying phenomenon with knitted garments. The small knots that form on the knitted fabric quickly make a pullover or cardigan look old. Today, we want to explain how pilling occurs, ...
Energiesparen – weniger Heizen und trotzdem nicht frieren - Pascuali

Saving Energy – Heating Less without Freezing

Appeals to save energy are not new. However, with the current global political situation, the awareness of the limited resources has become ever more present in our households. Prices for electrici...
Schals und Tücher – verschiedene Formen und Konstruktionen - Pascuali

Scarves and Shawls - Different Shapes and Constructions

Scarves and shawls have their place in the world of knitting - after all, you just can't have too many of them, right? A large triangular shawl, a delicate scarf or a cuddly cowl: do you have a fav...
Stricken nach englischen Anleitungen – Strickenglisch leicht gemacht - Pascuali

Knitting according to English instructions – knitting English made easy

Well, who has this happened to? You discover a great knitting design on the internet and then realize that the instructions are only available in English. For many knitters, the fun is over and the...
Pascuali Collezioni – Wie entstehen unsere Strickkollektionen? - Pascuali

Pascuali Collezioni – How are our knitwear collections created?

Several times a year, we publish a new "Pascuali Collezioni" knitwear collection magazine which is a great look-book with clothes and accessories for men, women and children.  What´s more, all...
Kleine Warenkunde - Seide - Pascuali

All about silk

Silk - light, delicate, shiny, elegant. As a woven fabric or as a yarn for knitting - silk is always somehow special. For thousands of years, it has been one of the most elegant and finest material...
Knoten im Knäuel – Knoten im Gestrick? - Pascuali

What´s with Those knots in Your Ball of Yarn?

It's probably happened to most of us before - you're happily knitting and suddenly there's a knot in the yarn. So not one that was created because the thread got tangled, but rather a knot that con...
Kaschmir – Luxus auf den Nadeln - Pascuali

Cashmere - luxury on the needles

Anyone who owns a piece of clothing knitted from cashmere knows how wonderfully soft it is. Simply luxurious! If you haven't knitted with cashmere yet, you should definitely treat yourself!