Stricken verbindet

Knitting Connects

While knitting was dismissed as an old-fashioned hobby just a few years ago, it has recently enjoyed an impressive "renaissance." Knitting is not just a pleasant, creative pastime but also somethin...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Saffira

Putting the Spotlight on: Saffira

Today, let's put the spotlight on a true classic from the Pascuali lineup: Saffira, the exquisite Merino-silk blend. And the name isn't just for show: with its lustrous sheen, this luxurious yarn b...
Waschen und Spannen  – dein Strickstück in Form gebracht

Washing and Blocking - Shaping Your Knits

So, the final stitch is cast off, the ends have been woven in, and you're done! Wait, there's more to it...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Mohair Bliss

Putting the Spotlight on: Mohair Bliss

Mohair Bliss – a truly delightful fusion of mohair and silk that lives up to its name: "Bliss" means nothing less than pure joy or delight. And indeed, you can feel it when you cradle those de...
Stricken mit handgefärbten Garnen

Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Working with hand-dyed yarns is a special experience. Not only do the colors, with all their nuances, gradients, and effects, set them apart from machine-dyed yarns, but the yarns themselves are of...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Nepal – neu!

Putting the Spotlight on: New Nepal!

Nepal? It´s been in our collection forever! If you're wondering why we are writing about it again, please don't stop reading, because there's news!
Jetzt wird’s bunt

Let's Get Colourful!

The simplest way to introduce some colour is through stripes. But why stop there? Today, we'll introduce you to three techniques to knit the most beautiful multicoloured patterns.
Olga Fedoryak (Gotham.knits) im Interview

An Interview with Olga Fedoryak (Gotham.knits)

Living in the bustling city of New York, Olga effortlessly weaves together her skills as a knitwear designer with a dash of dark humour, creating a space where knitting wisdom meets real-life moments.
Aus einem Guss? Verbinden von Strick(einzel)teilen - Pascuali

Seamless Elegance: Mastering the Art of Joining Knitted Pieces

Numerous techniques exist for connecting knitted pieces, and the choice depends on personal preferences and, of course, the nature of the project. Below, we introduce some of the most common method...