Stricken verbindet

Knitting Connects

While knitting was dismissed as an old-fashioned hobby just a few years ago, it has recently enjoyed an impressive "renaissance." Knitting is not just a pleasant, creative pastime but also somethin...
Waschen und Spannen  – dein Strickstück in Form gebracht

Washing and Blocking - Shaping Your Knits

So, the final stitch is cast off, the ends have been woven in, and you're done! Wait, there's more to it...
Stricken mit handgefärbten Garnen

Knitting with Hand-Dyed Yarns

Working with hand-dyed yarns is a special experience. Not only do the colors, with all their nuances, gradients, and effects, set them apart from machine-dyed yarns, but the yarns themselves are of...
Natur oder Chemie? Gibt es ein „Besser oder Schlechter“ bei gefärbter Wolle? - Pascuali

Natural or Chemical Dyes? Is There a "Better or Worse" Way to Dye Yarns?

There is no doubt that most fibres that are processed into (knitting) yarns are already beautiful in their natural colours, be it the off-white of silk or cotton, or the different shades of animal ...
Nützliches Strickzubehör – vom Wollstrang bis zum fertigen Strickstück rundum versorgt - Pascuali

Useful Knitting Accessories - From the Strand of Yarn to the Finished Piece of Knitting

What does it take to knit? Yep, yarn and knitting needles, what a question! In fact, these are the basics without which it really doesn't work. And they are actually sufficient when it comes to th...
Stricknadeln – eine ziemlich vielfältige Gesellschaft - Pascuali

Knitting Needles - Quite a Diverse World!

Knitters all over the world talk and rave about them often enough! So, in this blog, we talk about the different types and materials from which needles are made of and clarify the question of when ...
Die Geschichte des Strickens – ein Buch ohne Anfang - Pascuali

The History of Knitting – A Book Without a Clear Beginning

If you look at the history of knitting, it quickly becomes clear that it has a lot of chapters - but the first ones are missing. There are only guesses about the "hour of birth" of knitting, about ...
Die richtige Größe beim Stricken finden – mit Anpassungen zur perfekten Passform - Pascuali

Finding the Right Size and Making Adjustments for the Perfect Fit

Today, we give you tips on how to find the right size for you and how you can a pattern changes.
Streifen und Ringel ohne lästige Absätze stricken – „Jogless knitting“ - Pascuali

"Jogless Knitting" – Knitting Stripes in the Round without “Half-Steps”!

When tackling multicolour knits, stripes are an easy way to achieve beautiful results without a lot of counting. Thick block stripes, fine stripes, in a wild mix of bright colours or delicate and t...