Siegel und Zertifikate für Wolle und Garne

Wool and Yarn Certifications

Handicrafts and do-it-yourself are "in". But what about the material? Is this also "good" in terms of fairness and sustainability? We believe that if you take the time to create something with your...
Wie lagere ich Wolle am besten?

What Is the Best Way to Store Wool?

For many of us the “stash,” our treasured wool supply, keeps growing turning into mountains of wool at home. In order for you to be able to knit something beautiful with "well seasoned" wool, it ha...
Viskose – Kunstfaser oder Naturfaser?

Is Viscose a Synthetic or a Natural Fibre?

In our blog post Are Synthetic Fibres Really Necessary in Knitting Yarns? we explained our critical stance on this topic. In the following text, we would like to explain why we still use ...
Stricken mit unterschiedlichen Farbpartien

Knitting with Different Dye Lots

How annoying! There is not enough yarn for a project – a ball of yarn is missing. So I quickly bought another one. But what is it? When knitting, you can see that there is a color difference in the...
Kunstfasern in Strickgarnen - muss das wirklich sein?

Are Synthetic Fibres Really Necessary in Knitting Yarns? 

Anyone who knows a little about the Pascuali range knows that we place great value on high quality fibres. No synthetic fibres are used in our yarns. In this article, we explain why we believe that...
Alpaka – Schau mir in die Augen, Kleines! 

Alpaca – The Incan Emperors' luxury

We shared with you some interesting facts about camel wool in a previous blog post, and now we are back with more!  What kind of animals are they? Where did they come from? What is so special ...
Kleidermotten – wie kann man sie bekämpfen? 

Clothes Moths – How Can You Get Rid of Them?

The horrible moment when you discover a hole in your wool sweater... A nightmare! So that you know what to do in the event of an infestation with clothes moths or how you can prevent their visit fr...
Wolle vom Yak – zarter Flaum von urigen Rindviechern  

Yak Wool - Delicate Fluff from Rustic Cattle 

Merino, alpaca or cashmere – most everyone is familiar with them. After all, it's about wool and the associated "producers". But yak? What is that?
Vegane Socken ohne Plastik - Ein Experiment 

Vegan Socks Without Plastic - An Experiment

Knitting socks is simply fun.In our assortment you will find two yarns that we expressly recommend for socks: Pinta and Forest – but these two contain animal fibers. And so we came to the question ...