Suave: The Ultimate Vegan Yarn 

Suave is not just a yarn; it's a revolution in texture, comfort, and sustainability. Made with 100% GOTS-certified cotton, this innovative vegan yarn transcends the ordinary, offering a luxurious feel similar to that of cashmere without compromising on ethical values. Suave came to life in our quest for a natural vegan yarn that could replicate the luxurious feel of animal wool. 


Suave is a unique cotton yarn because the fibers are not conventionally spun. Instead, the loose fibers are held together by a cotton mesh tube.

When you take a close look at the wound ball of Suave, you might notice what looks like pilling. This is due precisely to the way it is made:  Its structure is truly special—unlike the usual spinning methods, it consists of an extremely fine cotton net that is not visible to the naked eye that delicately holds the fine cotton fibres together. It´s a unique characteristic that adds to the charm of Suave and it shouldn´t deter you, as the real magic unfolds in the subsequent stages of use and after a few washes. 

This distinct feature is what gives Suave its exceptional softness and cuddly texture, earning it the affectionate title of "the vegan yarn with a cashmere feel”.

Suave, true to its name, gracefully maintains its softness, reminiscent of the very first day you welcomed it into your knitting stash. It's a yarn that not only captures attention at the start but keeps impressing with its enduring comfort over time.


  • Yarn Length: 25 g ~ 162 m | 0.88 oz ~ 177 yds
  • Needle: 3 mm | 3 US | 10 UK
  • Gauge: 22 stitches, 34 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size Small ~ 200 g (8 Balls)
  • Yarn Weight: 25 g | 0.88 oz ~ Ball

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing

Our commitment to ethical practices extends from the cotton fields of India, where the fibres are gathered according to the stringent ecological and social standards of GOTS, to the processing and dyeing stages in Italy. Suave is not just a yarn; it's a testament to sustainability and responsible craftsmanship.

Light as a Cloud, Soft as a Dream

Suave isn't just about knitting; it's about creating a tactile masterpiece that's as sumptuous as cashmere and as light as a summer breeze.

Suave comes to life in 25 vibrant colours and its versatility extends to its use in various projects. Whether you're knitting a cosy cardigan or crocheting a cloud-soft shawl, Suave adapts to your creative whims. Iron for a sleek finish, brush for fluffiness – Suave molds to your artistic vision, creating pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind.

And what is more, its lightness allows for direct contact with the skin, making it an excellent choice for those with sensitive skin, including children.

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