Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent

We spent a long time looking for a really gentle, biological detergent that met our requirements for sustainability and environmental compatibility. Finally, we found it.  

Our new Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent is a particularly gentle detergent for your knitted garments that consists of easily biodegradable ingredients. It is very easy to use: soak, rinse, squeeze out water, lay flat to dry.  

Soapwort - a Well-Known All-Rounder 

Our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent is based on the soapwort plant. This plant contains saponins, that is, “soapy” substances that are naturally cleansing. Soapwort was already used in the Middle Ages for washing laundry, but also for body care and medicinal purposes. 

Today, this versatile plant is experiencing a real revival in the field of detergents and cleaning agents. No wonder: Consumers have become more environmentally friendly looking for sustainable products that reduce pollution.  

This detergent contains only natural, renewable raw materials. In addition to soapwort, it also includes coconut oil and rapeseed. The lactic acid in the detergent ensures natural softening of the water and reduces limescale deposits in the washing machine thus minimizing the use of decalcifying agents and fabric softeners - a win-win situation for the environment! 

All ingredients are easily biodegradable. The desire for fresh, clean laundry is no longer in conflict with the desire not to pollute the environment unnecessarily. 

Eco-Control Certified 

Because we especially care about the environment, we decided to have our detergent certified by Eco-Control according to the latest Nature Care Product standard NCP. This standard is an environmental label for everyday care products including washing and cleaning agents made from natural ingredients that do not pollute the environment. 

ECO - Control is an independent body acting worldwide with quality assurance systems inspecting and certificating non-food natural and organic products. 

Allergy Friendly 

Even with the most careful rinsing, detergent residues often remain in the garment fibres. These residues can cause irritation in people who have allergies or sensitive skin. In the manufacturing of our detergent, no colour or fragrance has been added. 

The good news: Our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent is particularly well tolerated and is also ideal for allergy sufferers. 

Wash with a Clear Conscience 

Animal welfare is always in the foreground at Pascuali.  This is why we made sure when choosing our detergent that it was not tested on animals. 

We also avoided the use of enzymes. What many people do not know is that enzymes in detergents were the first genetically engineered mass products to be brought into the European market. Enzymes in detergents ensure the breakdown of starch, fat and protein in the fabric and are, so to speak, “responsible” for removing stains. The environmental and health dangers, as well as the social benefits of genetically modified products are the subject of very controversial discussions. Therefore, we do not use enzymes but rather natural ingredients that deliver comparable results and are also gentle on your knitted garments. 

We can recommend our detergent to vegans with a clear conscience! 

Tip: We strongly advise that for your heavily soiled laundry, you use stain salt or a stain remover with panamarind extract. This extract is environmentally friendly and supports the cleaning effect of our biological detergent. 

By the way, we also pay attention to environmentally friendly materials used in our packaging.  Our detergent comes in a recyclable glass bottle with a screw cap made of wood. 

Information on the ingredients according to EU regulation 648/2004

  • 5-15% nonionic plant tensides (coconut oil)
  • <5% anionic plant tensides (coconut oil)
  • <5% herbal soft soap (rapeseed oil soap)
  • <5% soap wort extract
  • Lactic acid (reduces limescale deposits and saves softener)
  • Water
  • benzyl alcohol
  • pH value ~ 8.5

Washing with our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent 

Due to its composition, our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent protects the natural fibres found in wool. We can, therefore, recommend it for use with very delicate fibres such as cashmere, alpaca and silk. Of course, you can also wash other materials with it because it can be used in the washing machine. For your knitting project made with our fine yarns, however, we usually recommend gentle hand washing – look for care instructions on the yarn label or on the information given in our website. 

Our organic detergent is very economical. The 500 ml bottle is sufficient for up to 50 hand washes or 17 washes in the washing machine. 

Easy to use: 

For hand washing, one “cap” (about 1 teaspoon) per 5 litres of lukewarm water is sufficient. Soak the knitted garment in the water (about 20 minutes), then rinse with clear water. It is important to gently squeeze the water out of the knitted piece without wringing it! 

You can also use the detergent to wash in the washing machine. For each load of 4.5 kg dry laundry, use one cap of detergent. Use the gentle wool cycle to wash your garments.  

Whichever way you use to wash your garment, lay flat on a terry towel to dry.  If you hang your garment or dry on the line, it will lose its shape, stretch and often get creases that will only disappear with the next wash.  

With the gentle care provided by our organic detergent with soapwort extract, you can enjoy your hand-knitted clothes for a very long time. 

More tips on how to take care of garments knitted with our yarns HERE


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