Pascuali Collezioni 

Book 1 


It is finally here! After many hours of hard work, countless considerations and dedication, we are proud to introduce our very first Pascuali Fashion Collection.   Those who already know us, know we spare no effort in order to always be up to date and meet our clients’ needs and wishes. In this collection, we have combined our sustainable and exclusive yarns with the latest most popular knitting techniques. 

What makes this collection particularly special is that all patterns are seamless, with most designs knitted from top to bottom in rounds. Each pattern includes detailed information on how it was created and the knitting process involved. We received special support from a design team in Graz. The Liliana and Munja patterns were designed and implemented by Viktoria Maria Strickdesign.

Another particularity is that none of the fourteen knitting patterns are printed in the magazine. There are a few very special reasons for this. First, we want to be more environmentally friendly. Second, because the patterns are only available in PDF format, it allows us to make changes and update them more easily and frequently. In this way, we are able to provide detailed instructions without producing an enormous amount of paper waste.

On pages 40 & 41 of the magazine, you will find a scratch code which you can use on to download the complete collection of patterns as PDF in English and German. You can save all patterns on your Ravelry library. To do this, of course, you have to have a Ravelry account which is free of charge. To redeem your code click here: Pascuali Collezioni e-Book



Please make sure that after you have entered the code (which can only be used once), you click on each individual pattern to download each one, one by one.  Once you close the window where you have entered the code, you will no longer have access to the patterns. This is why we strongly recommend you download the patterns directly on Ravelry.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email should you need help.  

You can redeem your code here to download all patterns as PDF in English or German.