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Cashmere 6/28 is very valuable and luxurious cashmere wool. Fibers for wool obtained from the Kashmir goat. The material consists of 100% pure Mongolian cashmere. For this yarn is used only undercoat fibers. The fibers come from Mongolia, the spinning process takes place in Italy.

Cashmere 6/28, is a noble and incomparable wool, perfect for knitting pullovers, shawls, gloves and more. Cashmere is soft to the touch, very light and creates a pleasant feeling when in contact with skin. As a general rule, ready-made knitwear sells making from  double strand  yarn. In our yarn - six twisted strands. Cashmere 6/28 consists of a very thin, long fibers of wool. Therefore it almost do not tend to pill.

Processing of the finest cashmere fiber in order to maintain the high quality of the yarn takes place in Italy.




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