Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Alpaca Lace - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Alpaca Lace

If you want something extremely delicate, take a look at our Alpaca Lace!  This luxurious yarn is spun from 100 percent Peruvian baby alpaca fibres and comes in 50 g (1.76 oz) hanks, with a ya...
Pascuali Collezioni – Wie entstehen unsere Strickkollektionen? - Pascuali

Pascuali Collezioni – How are our knitwear collections created?

Several times a year, we publish a new "Pascuali Collezioni" knitwear collection magazine which is a great look-book with clothes and accessories for men, women and children.  What´s more, all...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Cumbria - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Cumbria

A flat, 50 g ball, delicate shiny and silky: that's Cumbria! Where does its delicate shimmer come from?
Zuviel auf den Nadeln? Abnahmen beim Stricken - Pascuali

Too Many Stitches on the Needles? Knitting Decreases

In our last blog post, we introduced you to some of the most common increase techniques when knitting. Now, we will introduce you to decrease techniques when knitting. We will do our best to explai...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Suave - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Suave

Many people automatically think of potholders when they think of pure cotton yarn.  And then there is  Suave.
Darf’s ein bisschen mehr sein? Zunahmen beim Stricken - Pascuali

May it be a little bit more? Increases in knitting

In this and the following blog post we will introduce you to a few common methods and have also prepared lots of video tutorials for you. Let's start with the increases, we'll decrease next time!
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Nepal - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Nepal

If you don't immediately think of the terms delicate and soft when you combine linen and cotton, you can learn something better with our Nepal yarn.
Das A & O beim Stricken: Maschenanschlag und Abketten - Pascuali

Knitting Essentials: Casting on and Binding off

If you want to knit, you can't do without it: we're talking about the stitch cast-on. No matter what it's supposed to be, the stitches have to get on the needle somehow. Apart from a few constru...
Kleine Warenkunde - Seide - Pascuali

All about silk

Silk - light, delicate, shiny, elegant. As a woven fabric or as a yarn for knitting - silk is always somehow special. For thousands of years, it has been one of the most elegant and finest material...