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Pascuali is known

Pascuali - filati naturali

Pascuali: Natural wool and textiles from natural products

The young wholesale and retail company Pascuali was founded in 2008 in Cologne. We are specialized in Europe-wide distribution and sales of the knitting yarns and textiles from natural wool. All our products, whether natural wool or clothing, distinguish on high quality and meet the specific needs of our customers. We respect the environment and the hard hand work and exertion involved at each stage of the manufacturing.

Knitting wool in sophisticated quality

For those who love knitting beautiful things from wool, we can offer a wide range of natural yarns. Very easily you can buy online high quality alpaca wool, angora, yak and cashmere wool. Our knitting wool comes from all over world and is a 100 per cent natural product. To meet the social and ecological criteria for natural wool, as a rule, we work together with the manufacturers who produce sustainably. Besides cashmere wool we also offer exceptional knitting yarn from milk protein fibers, yak- and qiviut wool, bamboo and maize yarn.

Natural wool by Pascuali: for all who value quality

And if you are looking for not just natural wool, but finished natural textiles from supple cashmere or vicuna, you are at the right place with Pascuali.

There is also a wide range of wool and yarns here. All natural wool fibres have specific characteristics. For example milk yarn with its ligth antibacterial effects is ideally suitable for babys and allergy sufferers, while merino and alpaca wool are very warming. Angora wool is very dirt-deflecting, light and has a high grade of warmth retention capacity. Our natural wool is available in many different colours and types. To get more information best have a look at our homepage and inform yourself about the specific characteristics of different natural yarns.

Knitting yarns for resellers and designers

We offer yarns for resellers, designers and dyers. There is also a whole package for creation of your own fashion collection with different designs, yarns, production and packaging. All from one source!

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