Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Nepal - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Nepal

If you don't immediately think of the terms delicate and soft when you combine linen and cotton, you can learn something better with our Nepal yarn.
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Re-Jeans

Putting the Spotlight on: Re-Jeans

As name suggests, Re-Jeans comes from the manufacture of jeans. The basis for Re-Jeans is recycled cotton made out of denim: fabric residues are gradually dissolved and cleaned down to the individu...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut:  Tibetan

Putting the Spotlight on: Tibetan

We have had Tibetan in our range for a number of years, and now this cosy merino-yak mix has been spruced up.
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Alpaca Fino

Putting the Spotlight on: Alpaca Fino

If you are looking for a nice soft yet robust yarn that has a certain strength but is not too thick, Alpaca Fino made of 100 percent baby alpaca is the best choice
Auf die Nadeln geschaut:  Manada als Beilaufgarn

Putting the Spotlight on: Manada as a pairing yarn

We have already introduced our mohair yarn Manada in more detail and reported on how it is to knit with it. Manada is not only a great yarn to knit by itself; It also plays a big role as a pai...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut:  Manada

Putting the Spotlight on: Manada

Our newest yarn is very special: Manada, a mohair yarn.You might ask yourself why? One closer look at its composition and what makes is so unique will become clear.
Auf die Nadeln geschaut:  Puno und Puno Winikunka

Putting the Spotlight on: Puno and Puno Winikunka

Our yarn siblings Puno and Puno Winikunka offer a not necessarily everyday material mix: 70 percent GOTS-certified cotton and 30 percent alpaca wool make them truly special!
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Babyalpaca Los Andes

Putting the Spotlight on: Babyalpaca Los Andes

Is this a skein of yarn or something for cuddling? Our Baby Alpaca Los Andes is so wonderfully soft, thick, and fluffy that you almost want to snuggle with it!
Auf die Nadeln geschaut:  Balayage

Putting the Spotlight on: Balayage

The youngest member of the Pascuali family is called "Balayage" – the yarn made from 80 percent baby alpaca and 20 percent fine merino wool is something very special, as it was conceived in collabo...