Go Natural, Go Plant-Based! 

Welcome to the world of Cumbria, where nature's wonders meet your crafting dreams. With approximately 16 serene lakes, breathtaking views, and a stunning coastline, Cumbria is not just the adventure capital of the UK; it's also the birthplace of the Vegan Movement. 


In a world where veganism is an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, the use of plant-based yarns for knitting and crocheting is gaining momentum. People are embracing these yarns for various reasons:  

  • environmental concerns 
  • skin sensitivity   
  • wool allergies 

Taking this into account and the fact that vegan yarns play an important role in our lives today, we include a wide range of high quality 100% natural, sustainable, plant-based yarns in our collection: Cumbria is one of them. After all, we are pioneers in the production of vegan yarns.  

Learn more about vegan yarns in our blogpost: Vegan Yarns 


Cumbria is a delightfully soft and silky-shimmering blend of premium Pima cotton and bamboo viscose. The fiber properties of Cumbria provide a cooling effect in the summer, while the light fluffiness offers warmth during the colder seasons.

Sophisticated, Light, One-of-a-Kind! 

In the creation and design of this very unique yarn, we took a journey to this truly breath-taking region of deep valleys, scenic roads, sparkling lakes, rolling hills of the most wonderful green landscape, as well as incredibly pretty market towns and villages. Inspired by the amazingly beautiful scenery and our goal of designing a synthetic-free, environmentally-friendly, plant-based yarn that feels as luxurious as fine wool, we created a delicate, silky and shiny blend of 60% high-quality pima cotton and 40% bamboo viscose.  

The result is a yarn.  

What sets Cumbria apart: 

  • Softness: A yarn that's a pleasure to work with. 
  • Versatility: Ideal for knitting and crochet projects. 
  • All-year-round yarn: It has a cooling effect in the summer and its light fleece will warm you up in the colder seasons. 
  • Drape: A sophisticated and wonderful drape due to ist lightness and high shape retention. 
  • Allergy-Friendly: suitable for baby and children's clothing and for people of sensitive skin or allergies to wool. 
  • And, believe it or not, you can even use Cumbria to knit socks!  Read all about our experiment: Vegan Socks Without Plastic - An Experiment 


  • Composition: 60% cotton (Pima), 40% viscose (bamboo cellulose)
  • Yardage: 50 g ~ 150 m | 1.76 oz ~ 164 yds
  • Needle: 3 mm | 3 US | 10 UK
  • Gauge: 25 stitches, 34 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 400g (8 Balls)
  • Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Ball

Carefree, Bright, Fun Colours 

The colours of our yarn Cumbria have been inspired by the picturesque landscapes offered by the meadows, moors, and stunning hills of the Cumbrian countryside. We have created a perfectly balanced coloured palette of thirty deep, vibrant eye-catching colours designed for knitting enthusiasts. 


Bring the luxury of nature to your needles and let the fun begin! 

Sorgenfrei, lebendige, spaßige Farben

Die Farben unseres Garns Cumbria wurden von den malerischen Landschaften der Wiesen, Moore und atemberaubenden Hügel der Cumbrian Countryside inspiriert. Wir haben eine perfekt ausgewogene Farbpalette von 30 tiefen, lebendigen, auffälligen Farben geschaffen, die für Strickbegeisterte konzipiert sind.

Bring den Luxus der Natur auf deine Nadeln und lass den Spaß beginnen!


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