rosa p. im Interview

rosa p. in an Interview

Her designs are very much to our taste: they all have that certain something, but are wonderfully classic and have the potential to be favorites for many years, not just fleeting fashion trends.
Olga Fedoryak (Gotham.knits) im Interview

An Interview with Olga Fedoryak (Gotham.knits)

Living in the bustling city of New York, Olga effortlessly weaves together her skills as a knitwear designer with a dash of dark humour, creating a space where knitting wisdom meets real-life moments.
Rastus Hsu im Interview - Pascuali

An Interview with Rastus Hsu

Greetings, knitting enthusiasts! We extend our yarn's embrace worldwide, inspiring international designers to craft exceptional patterns. Our blog series, "An Interview with …," continues to introd...
Jutta vom Label "Hinterm Stein" im Interview - Pascuali

An Interview with Jutta (Hinterm Stein)

Jutta has been amongst Ravelry´s  top 50 designers. Her designs are clear, classic, sophisticated and innovative. So much so, that even professional knitters can learn new techniques from Jutt...
Pascuali im Porträt - Paul - Pascuali

An Interview with Paul Pascuali

In our blog, we have introduced you to various designers and reported on things that are interesting and worth knowing from the world of wool.  This time around, we thought we would tell you a...
Clarissa Schellong im Interview - Pascuali

An Interview With Clarissa Schellong

Clarissa Schellong, known to many as Cozyknits, is our guest in today's interview. In the past year, Clarissa has really shaken up the knitting world with her knitwear designs: classic, timeless y...
ChrisBerlin im Interview - Pascuali

Interview with ChrisBerlin

Christiane is originally from Berlin. She designs clothing and accessories in a clear language and mostly in natural tones. Her designs are timelessly beautiful and easy to combine. Almost all patt...
ANKESTRiCK im Interview - Pascuali

An interview with ANKESTRiCK

ANKESTRiCK has been a key figure in German knitwear design for years. Her designs are clear, timelessly beautiful and often cleverly constructed. When we launched our Manada yarn, Anke was immediat...
Åsa Tricosa im Interview

An interview with Åsa Tricosa

Asa Tricosa is an internationally renowned designer whose models share a common thread: a classic Scandinavian style paired with refined details. Asa gained recognition through the sophisticated Zi...