Merino Baby

If you haven´t knitted with Merino yarn before, you are in for a treat!  

Merino wool is a very high-quality fibre that comes from the well-known merino sheep, which were first bred in Spain and which are adapted to living in semi-arid conditions. Merino wool is one of the finest and most exclusive materials available due to its unique shine and softness. The long, strong fibres make it particularly suitable for supple clothing that lasts for years and provides comfortable, stylish, casual and functional wear, all in one. 


Merino wool is a highly valuable fiber derived from the well-known Merino sheep. Originally bred in Spain, they are particularly well adapted to the semi-arid climate there.

Merino has several characteristics that make it very popular:

Merino wool is highly breathable and has excellent thermoregulating properties: the fabric easily traps in air and retains heat when temperatures are cold and humid. Merino fibre can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture while still feeling comfortable and dry to the touch. When it’s hot, its moisture-wicking properties release humidity away from the body, making it feel cool.

Unlike regular wool, it is naturally lighter and softer, so it is not scratchy and can be worn directly on the skin. It is also hypo-allergenic, making it the perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin. So much so, that it is perhaps the best choice for baby garments.

Merino wool is a natural fibre that is completely bio-degradable. Even though your knitted merino garment will last for quite a long time, the day will come when you have to part with it. The good news is that you can at least rest assured that it´s not going to harm the planet: it takes just six months for the fibres to naturally decompose in soil.

Merino fibre has an oily, waxy coating known as Lanolin which helps repel water and guards the sheep against infections. The lanolin residues that are found in the yarn safeguard against mildew, mould and odour-causing bacteria.

Pascuali Organic Merino Baby: Simply Spectacular!


  • Yarn Length: 50 g ~ 220 m | 1.76 oz ~ 240 yds
  • Needle: 3 - 3.5 mm | 3- 4 US | 11 UK
  • Gauge: 30 stitches, 35 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size Small ~ 350 g (7 Balls)
  • Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Ball

In addition to these, our Organic Merino Baby yarn has other characteristics that make it special and unique:

Our merino wool is of course mulesing-free. It comes from Argentina (Patagonia) and the fibre is GOTS-certified. This means that the animals are kept according to ecological standards. Through sustainable farming, woolgrowers are able to protect and regenerate the land, and care for the health and wellbeing of their sheep. The merino sheep that provide the wool graze freely, delivering a new fleece harvest twice a year.

The wool is spun and dyed according to our specifications in Italy in a mill which uses traditional machinery and craftmanship and which is also GOTS certified. Furthermore, no toxic bleaches, dyes or other chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

The GOTS certification also guarantees that the working environment is safe, workers receive fair pay, there is no child labour or excessive working hours. This is done through regular inspections of the entire supply chain; from the farms to the washing, spinning and dyeing processes to bring you a yarn that is 100 % organic.

Machine Washable
To top it all off, our Merino Baby yarn is machine washable. No, it is NOT superwash!
Superwash is a process that uses chlorine to remove the scales of the wool. The fibre first undergoes and alkaline anti-chloric treatment with sulfites and is then coated with synthetic resins. The result is a machine washable superwash yarn that has lost its natural woollen characteristics. This process massively pollutes the wastewaters with chlorine and other environmentally harmful chemical agents!

We use an innovative biotechnological wool treatment called Lanazym, an environmentally sound alternative, which uses protease enzymes to modify the scales of the wool resulting in fibres with a reduced tendency to felting. Furthermore, it maintains the natural properties of the wool and the pilling tendency of the wool scales – a major problem of the super-wash-wool textiles – is significantly reduced. So, you can put your favourite Merino Baby knits in the washing machine using the “wool washing program” with peace of mind knowing they will come out looking as beautiful, soft and cosy as before!

Thanks to its internal spring-like structure, merino wool is a naturally resilient and stretchy fibre. Its inherent protective outer layer will prevent stains from being absorbed, and its anti-bacterial properties will destroy odours. Because of its self-cleaning properties, airing your merino garment out after wearing it will usually do the trick. However, when needed, merino wool can be washed in the washing machine using a wool cycle and cold water. It won´t shrink and it won´t wrinkle either!

Read more about caring for your woollen garments in our blog: Caring for Wool.

A Breath-Taking Colour Palette to Inspire Your Every Project!

Most of us when choosing a yarn for a project are likely to gravitate towards a yarn first and foremost due to colour.  The colour palette of our Organic Merino Baby has been carefully designed to captivate and lure you at first glance. With 30 colours, the possibilities are endless!  

We have even gone a step further:  we have made sure that 25 of the 30 colours of the colour palette are the same as the 25 colours of Manada, our very special and unique blend of Mohair, Mulberry Silk, Yak and Merino fibres so that you can pair the two yarns together and have an almost infinite number of choices to play around with colour, texture and weight. By pairing these two yarns together, you will add a wonderful fluff and airy halo to your project, not to mention softness, warmth and, of course, a very particular and unique colour nuance depending on whether you use similar colours or contrasting ones to mix and match together. 


With our Organic Baby Merino yarn, you will not only get pleasure from the knitting process itself, but you’ll also have the satisfaction of working with a yarn that doesn’t harm the environment in any way.Whether knitting is your hobby or you are embarking on your very first knitting project, one thing is for sure:you are going to love working with this very soft and delicate yarn.


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