Nothing compares to the joy of a chunky, quick-knit project! Even more so when what you knit is super snugly and a dream to wear! With exactly this in mind, we have designed Maximo: a wonderful merino yarn for faster projects ideal for beginners who enjoy a quick sense of achievement.  It is the perfect yarn for snugly thick cardigans, pullovers, scarves and other accessories.

Merino wool is very special because it is one of the finest and most exclusive fibres available with a unique shine and softness. It also has many properties that make it very popular:


Maximo is an enchanting chunky-weight Merino yarn, with the term 'chunky' describing the lush thickness of the thread. Plush, soft, and elastic – this yarn is simply perfect for falling head over heels. With just one ball, you can effortlessly knit a hat, headband, or cowl – an ideal addition to stylish and versatile accessories.

Maximo, Mon Amour!

Maximo is classified as a “chunky” yarn which refers to the weight of yarn. This, however, isn’t how heavy it is, rather it refers to the increased thickness of the strand. And that is precisely what makes Maximo so unique for it is rare to find merino wool that is this thick.  Furthermore, despite its thickness, it is actually pretty light. 

Many knitters find chunky yarn easier to work with than lighter ‘weight' (smaller/thinner) yarns because it makes fabulous big and defined stitches with extra thickness to grab onto.

Merino wool is very special because it is one of the finest and most exclusive fibres available with a unique shine and softness. It also has many properties that make it very popular:

Highly Elastic

Its high elasticity has to do with the crimping of the wool fibre: up to 40 crimps per centimetre! Garments knit with merino allow free body movement and stretch with you, yet return to their original shape making them resistant to wrinkling and sagging. 

Not Itchy

Due to the fineness of the fibre it is also extremely soft. So, it does not aggravate the skin and does not cause any itching when worn directly on the skin making it the perfect choice for even the most sensitive skin. 

Merino wool is highly breat


  • Composition: 100% virgin wool (Merino Superfine, Organic certified)
  • Yardage: 100 g ~ 80 m | 3.50 oz ~ 87 yds
  • Needle size: 9 mm | 13 US
  • Gauge: 10 Stitches, 15 Rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Pullover Size 38 ~ 700g (7 Balls)
  • Yarn weight: 100 g | 3.50 oz ~ Ball

Odour Resistant

Merino fibre has an oily, waxy coating known as Lanolin which helps repel water and guards the sheep against infections. The lanolin residues that are found in the yarn safeguard against mildew and odour-causing bacteria. 


Garments knitted with Maximo will last a seriously long time, but when the time finally comes for it to be changed, it will naturally decompose in soil.

GOTS certified

The fibres come from Argentina and are GOTS-certified. The Global Organic Textile Standard, the GOTS certificate, is a very demanding label that ensures ecological criteria throughout the entire product chain. The certification focuses on animal welfare and guarantees that the working environment is safe, workers receive fair pay, there is no child labour or excessive working hours. This is done through regular inspections of the entire supply chain; from the farms to the washing, spinning and dyeing processes to bring you a yarn that is 100 % organic.


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