Designed by Julia-Maria Hegenbart (Feinmotorik)

Measurement/Size: 145 x 103 x 175 cm [57 x 40,5 x 68,5"]
Pattern language: English, German
Skill level: Easy

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Product information

„The sea had not yet come to rest and the next morning it rolled slowly along in huge, long waves.“(Herman Melville 1819-1891 | Moby-Dick; or: The Whale)

This shawl is like the rough sea. Not wet and cold but nice and warm around the shoulders.

As you block, you decide how high the wind will whip up the waves in your shawl. Plastic, high freak waves or gentle, shallow wave movements.

Kit content

<p>6 x 50 g <a href="https://www.pascuali.de/en/en/yarns/yarn-by-fiber/alpaca-wool/balayage/a-1612041681" target="_blank">Pascuali Balayage</a> (80% Babyalpaca, 20% Bio Merino)&nbsp;in the chosen colour.&nbsp;<br />(Colour of the pictured sample: &nbsp;Colour 614 u201cSalkantayu201d)</p>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>Pattern<br />Circular needles u00f8 3,25 mm (US 2.5), 80 cm (32")</p>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>The pattern isn't included.&nbsp;Get the pattern&nbsp;at the Ravelry shop <a href="https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rough-sea" target="_blank">HERE.</a></p>