70% Cotton (Organic)
30% Alpaca Wool

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  • Yarn Length: 50 g ~ 200 m | 1.76 oz ~ 218 yds
  • Needle: 2,5 mm | 2 US | 12 UK
  • Gauge: 27 stitches, 32 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 300g (6 balls)
  • Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Ball


  • Fibre: Cotton ~Peru | Alpaca ~ Peru
  • Spun in Peru
  • Dyed in Peru

Product Information

Puno Winikunka is a wonderfully soft blend of cotton and alpaca wool. The 70 percent GOTS-certified cotton as well as the 30 percent alpaca wool come from Peru, where the yarn is also spun for us.

The mystical mountain Winikunka, also known as “Rainbow Mountain” or “Seven Colour Mountain” served as the inspiration for this yarn. Intense green, purple, yellow, red, and blue make the amazing range of colours which are the result of sedimentary rocks eroding for millions of years. Puno Winikunka with its beautiful shade palette is the result of the colour spectacle we witnessed during our trip to Peru.

The blend of smooth cotton with fluffy alpaca wool makes Puno a great year-round yarn that can be knitted as well as crocheted using a number of different stitches and patterns. 

Puno is suitable for light tops as well as accessories such as scarves or shawls. It is pleasantly soft and can also be worn directly on the skin.

You can find more details about Puno Winikunka and our Peru trip HERE.

Notes: It is advisable to always order enough yarn for your desired model to ensure you knit your entire project with yarn of the same dye batch. In case of doubt, please make a gauge sample immediately after receiving the yarn. In this way, you can estimate whether you have ordered sufficient quantity and, if necessary, reorder directly.


Knitted garments with Puno Winikunka can be washed in the washing machine at 86 °F (30°C). It is advisable to use our Organic Detergent and choose a delicate cycle. Dry flat, preferably on a terry towel, to avoid stretching. Under no circumstances should you dry it directly on a heat source or in the blazing sun! If necessary, the knitted piece can be ironed at the lowest temperature setting.

Read more about wool care in our blogpost here.