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The yarns of the Pascuali company are characterized by their rarity and de luxe class with outstanding high quality. Our yarns are made exclusively of the fair-traded natural wool produced in an ecological and fair way. The result of our work is for example the best knitting yarn spun from alpaca, cashmere and vicuna fibers. The highest quality is just as important as the careful keeping of the animals for the company Pascuali. To provide this the company Pascuali does not cooperate aware with the intermediaries as the transparency, short trade channels and control over our products are very important for us. The owner of the company Paul Pascuali chooses personally the animal farms in a very careful way. Every year he travels to the far away countries to find the best wool for the next season. The wool quality is as much in focus as the conditions on the farms for our company. Choosing a farm we make sure that the animals live in the natural housing conditions and are good cared. Thus, the lama or angora wool comes from the small farm in the north of Argentina while the alpaca wool comes from the farm in Peru and the sheep’s wool we become in Germany. Before we choose the wool of the best quality we check out 20 fair farms with the same wool. All the Pascuali-yarns consist of the 100% natural fibers.