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Product information

Addi Novel is the ergonomic square lace knitting needle with a ribbed surface made of metal. The special corrugated structure not only works as a little massage for fingers, but also prevents unnecessary slipping of the stitches from the needle. At the same time, the extremely light and smooth tips ensure that the stitches glides smoothly. As a result you get a very even knit structure.

The needle and cable size is printed onto the cable. The transition from the tip to the cable is barely noticeable.

Important! Due to the ribbed surface, the Addi Novel circular knitting needle has a larger circumference than that of a circle knitting needle, so the Addi Novel knitting needle with the next higher needle size should be selected. For example, if the pattern says a needle size of 3 mm, Addi recommends using a 3.5 mm.