About us

The idea to offer top quality natural rare wool to retailers and wholesalers worldwide while giving support to small farms and farmers in developing countries both ethically and financially gave rise to Pascuali. Our goal is to make a positive contribution to society in the area of sustainable textiles through transparency and a fair concept. 

 “Pascuali yarns are created for people who value high quality.” 

Our success story began in 2008 with our first yarn quality – mulesing- free merino wool. Since then, we have been constantly innovating and developing, focusing on valuable, sustainable, luxury fibres. Our portfolio includes not only vegan fibres such as those of bamboo, corn, and stinging nettle but also some of the rarest natural fibres in the world like Vicuña and Qiviut. It is not an easy task to procure these rare natural fibres, as the habitats of the animals are in almost inaccessible areas.  

We are very happy have taken on this great challenge to give you access to even the rarest of fibres. We are one of the few suppliers of vicuña yarn, the finest fibre in the world. Only 2 tons of this fibre are in circulation worldwide. Vicuñas live at an altitude of 4000 metres above sea level in the mountains of northern Peru. The fibre is produced there by Peruvian farmers and spun to the highest quality as part of an animal welfare project. 

Initially and during the first eight years of production, we only offered our yarns to end consumers.  However, this all changed in 2016, when we successfully introduced our yarns to the world at the h+h Cologne international trade fair. That same year, we moved into our new headquarters in Frechen, Germany.  

Since then, we have been working successfully with yarn studios, hand dyers and worldwide famous designers.  In the spring of 2020, we put out our first Pascuali Fashion collection magazine with patterns also available on Ravelry. 

Also in 2020, we proudly brought into the market our newest yarn: organic cashmere. It comes from Mongolia where goats are kept in permanent pastures year round preventing deforestation. Because high quality, fair trade, sustainable and appropriate keeping of animals as well as ecologically produced yarns are very important to us, we personally and periodically visit production sites. 

Through controlled but steady growth, continuous improvement and the willingness to break new ground, we have achieved a balance between sustainability and profitability. 

Over the years, our transparency and honesty have won people's trust and today we can proudly say that we are one of the world’s most sought-after brands in the high-quality yarn segment.

Our philosophy

Luxurious, rare yarns of exceptionally high quality distinguish our product range. Our intensive work has yielded wonderful yarns with a unique feel, for example from alpaca, cashmere, yak or vicuña. 

In addition to absolute quality, the species-appropriate keeping of animals, fair-trade and ecologically manufactured products are very important to us. We have deliberately decided against working with intermediaries in order to guarantee a high degree of sustainability. 

This means we are closer to the product with high transparency, short trade routes and reliable quality control. The farms on which the animals live are carefully selected by us at the beginning of product development and visited on site. In addition to wool quality, the focus is on the living conditions of the animals and the working conditions on the farms. 

The animals must be able to develop in their natural environment and be treated appropriately. Thus, the llamas come from a small farm in northern Argentina, while the alpacas have their natural habitat in Peru, the musk oxen in Alaska, the cashmere goats in Mongolia and the merino sheep in Patagonia. 

Before committing ourselves to a quality, we meticulously test the wool from several farms and then choose those that meet our high standards. All our yarns are made from 100% natural fibres. 

Since we primarily support small farmers and farms, not all our products are certified. As a rule, they cannot afford to obtain certifications such as GOTS. In order not to force them into financial difficulties, we do not insist on certificates, but instead travel to the respective regions to see the conditions for ourselves. At the same time, our requirements are often higher than those of most textile certificates. 

Our yarns are spun according to high standards either directly in the countries where the fibres are sourced or also in Italy and Portugal. We dye our yarns in accordance with current EU directives. Of course, we also offer un-dyed, natural yarns.

Our vision

Our goal is to offer our high-quality products worldwide in order to revolutionise the hand knitting industry in the long term. 
By continuously supporting social projects and organisations, we aim to give something back to the people and the environment. 
Sustainability and profitability are not mutually exclusive! We at Pascuali are proof of that! 

Our Team

Pascuali behind the scenes – we introduce ourselves!

Some time ago we introduced you to Paul Pascuali. Who he is, how he came to wool, what drives him. Of course, the whole thing is not a one-man show - today we introduce you to the team of Pascuali. 

Name: Paul Pascuali

Position: Founder and Managing Director

About me:

Born in Germany, raised in Argentina and now back in Germany where I started my family.

Through a variety of paths I ended up in the yarn business, which I love. Manufacturing yarns and interacting with the complete production chain has become a passion.

My favourite pastime:

I love to go fishing. I got my fishing license right at the beginning of my time in Germany! 

Favourite yarn:

I love all our yarns of course, but Puno is the one that works best for me, it's not too warm, it's easy to care for, and the palette includes all my favourite colours.

Name: Wolfgang Scholl

Position: Commercial management

About me:

I used to be a freight forwarder with my heart and soul in a management position, a consultant, and now I am moving into an exciting new environment.

My favourite pastime:

sports in almost any form (as long as there is a ball involved...), cooking & eating

Favourite yarn:

Can these hands knit???

Name: Marisa Cid

Position: International Sales Manager

About me: 

Before working for Pascuali, my career path had taken me on a very different journey. I earned a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Computer Assisted Language Teaching at Columbia University. Once I moved to Cologne, I started my own business teaching at the doctorate level in universities across the country.  

I learned to knit when I was 16 years old. When I came across Pascuali yarns, I fell in love with every single one of them.  So, much so, I dreamt of selling them all over the world! 

When I am not spending time in my garden, I am baking or reading.  I love to have friends over and enjoy my time with my family.  I love winter evenings when I can cuddle up on the couch, some jazz in the background, and I can cosy up with my needles and my yarn.

My role at Pascuali: 

I am responsible for international B2B sales outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland and setting up and managing our international sales representative network. I also write some of our marketing texts, B2B newsletters and landing pages and oversee the translation of these texts into various other languages. 

My favorite yarn: 

I love all our yarns, but I have two favourite ones: Tibetan because it is super light, warm and it is like butter on the needles, and Sole because it is a cotton yarn like no other and I love that it has that bit of cashmere that makes it a luxury yarn. 

Name: Kathrin Düperthal

Position: Fashion designer

About me:

I grew up in the countryside and after living in Cologne for over 10 years, I moved back to the countryside, to the Karlsruhe area. Here I live with my partner and my dog and work from home. Through my passion for the art of knitting and as an enthusiast of slow fashion, I joined Pascuali a few years ago. Working in different fields of the fashion industry, I have always felt the importance of sustainability. As a studied fashion designer, I specialised in knitwear in 2018. I learned to knit from my mother as a child.

My favourite pastime:

Creative crafts: with the Pascuali yarns, of course, but also with fabrics, wood and anything else that can be upcycled. Climbing and Lindy Hop are also among my favourite activities.

Favourite yarn:

At the moment it is Pinta, for summer garments. It has a lovely soft and elegant drape. I like the way it feels and especially in the summer it is perfect to wear next to the skin. But my favourite yarn is always a different one, depending on how I use it. I also love to combine different yarns with Alpaca Lace or Manada.

Name: Petya Pascuali

Position: Temporary helper (coordinating samples for customers)

About me:

I am a fashion designer by profession. I worked as a designer in the early years of Pascuali, designing models in Pascuali yarns for various knitting magazines such as Verena, The Knitter, Stricktrends and many others. Nowadays I work part-time as a teaching assistant in a primary school. As a mini-jobber at Pascuali I coordinate the production of sample cards for our customers. I enjoy spending my free time with my family.

My favourite pastime:

I love hiking, traveling and reading books about true events.

Favourite yarn:

Definitely Alaska 2. For me, this is the finest and softest wool in the world. I knitted a scarf from it many years ago and still love to wear it.

Name: Franziska Schulz

Position: Since 2021, I have the privilege of joining the Pascuali team, primarily in the field of customer service and as an assistant in the design department.

About me:

As a career changer, I have been able to turn my hobby into my profession. I love my job - I like to be creative and I love the interaction with customers. Making people happy is a great feeling and motivates me in my work. With my daughter, I live in a small town in beautiful Lower Saxony. My family is the most important thing for me.

My favourite pastime:

Everything around wool! Whether knitting or crochet – for me, no day passes without.

Favourite yarn:

Definitely Pinta and Merino Baby! Fore me, both are absolute all-rounder yarns with a beautiful and very harmonious colour palette. 

Name: Julia Miller

Position: Customer Service, responsible for product care in the online store

About me:

I have known Pascuali and its managing director, Paul Pascuali, since 2012 - we studied textile technology together at Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach. It was a very practical programme and I always found the laboratory courses, where we tested fibres and yarns, particularly exciting. I also support my husband in his small transport company. In 2022 I became a mother for the first time (dog mummy doesn't count =))) and now I dedicate most of my time to our baby. Every day I like to go for a walk with the pram and my personal bodyguard - a German shepherd.

My favourite pastime:

I love to paint interior pictures and of course not a single day goes by without knitting - even if it's only 2 stitches.

Favourite yarn:

I am in love with Manada! I use it single or double-stranded or as a pairing yarn. It has a unique composition and feels incredibly soft against the skin. I like the pastel colours best.

Name: Emilia Pascuali

Position: Social Media Assistant

About me:

I am 15 years old and I am currently attending the 9th grade of high school. 

I would say I am artistically gifted. I love to draw and paint since I can remember. In my free time I meet friends in Cologne and go to the gym.

I have been working as an assistant for Instagram and in photo shoots for our company for about a year. I would be very happy to work full time in the family business one day. 

My favourite pastime:

See above :-D

Favourite yarn:

I like Merino Baby the best. The colour palette is awesome!!!
I have a Lia Lykke hat made from the yarn that I absolutely love to wear in winter.

Name: Alexandra Keller

Position: Order picker and warehouse manager

About me:

I am a trained design assistant and came to logistics by way of a few detours. I started as a mini-jobber at Pascuali and am happy to have been a full-time member of the team for 4 years now. I keep the warehouse tidy and make sure your orders get to you as quickly as possible ;)

My favourite pastime:

I love to knit and crochet! When you have so much beautiful yarns in your hands all day, your mind is filled with so many cool projects, it's hard not to think about knitting. I also love listening to music, gaming or watching TV shows.

Favourite yarn:

Alpaca Los Andes is the most beautiful and fluffy yarn ever! I love it and anyone who hasn't tried knitting with it is missing out on something big in their life! That's my opinion!

These nine heads form the core of Pascuali. But that's not all!

There are also a number of freelancers who take care of the customers newsletter, Instagram, the realisation of knitwear designs and blog articles, among other things. 

In addition, there are currently ten Pascuali representatives in North America and three in Europe.

And last but not least, office dog Lotta! 

Name: Lotta Pascuali
 Office dog and good-mood companion

About me: 

I am a black Labrador lady and I will be 8 years old on the 1st of October. At the office, I like to lie on my little bed. It's enough when the others are working, isn't it? I'm always happy when it's time to walk to work in the morning.

My favourite pastime:

I love picking up pebbles for a living - underwater. My humans say I'm crazy about water. Of course, I'm a Labrador! My favourite place is the nearby Eifel region, where I can swim as much as I like. And that's where my friends Maya, Sunny and Pluto are. 

Favourite yarn: 

I don't have one. I don't play with stuff like that. What am I, a cat?