Pascuali Collezioni 

In January 2020, the first edition of “Pascuali Collezioni” came into the market - since then, we have regularly published knitting patterns made with our yarns under this title.

Even though each magazine contains several patterns by Pascuali designers, it also brings together designs by external, professional knitting designers. The focus of "Pascuali Collezioni" is on what is important to us, namely: development of high quality yarns, durability and - very importantly – sustainability. 

The patterns are simple, yet modern. We do not rely on short-lived fashion trends, so our designs are timeless and can be worn for a long time. Almost all “Pascuali Collezioni” patterns are knitted seamlessly - that is, from top to bottom or the other way around in one piece. We are happy to follow this trend.

With their firm high-quality texture and weight of paper, “Pascuali Collezioni”  magazines are almost thin books which will remain in mint condition for a longer period of time. All models are photographed and prepared by a professional team who carefully set the backgrounds to match the outfits perfectly. 

One special feature of our “Pascuali Collezioni” is that the individual patterns are not included in the magazines. Instead each magazine comes with an individual scratch code that can be used to download all the knitting patterns in the issue. Why? Our knitting patterns are very detailed and come in at least two languages ​​(German and English). Delivering them in printed form with the magazine would mean that we would use four times as much paper. That would get in the way of our sustainability concept: After all, we are very aware of our responsibility towards the future of younger generations.

Patterns in PDF format can be conveniently saved on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can always have them with you on mobile devices. And if you prefer to have the pattern in paper, you can simply print it out.

The “Pascuali Collezioni” magazines can be ordered online from our shop, or from our numerous partner shops. You can also order matching kits with the original yarns directly from us. If you do not want to buy all patterns, you can buy each one separately, of course. 

You can also find the “Pascuali Collezioni” patterns on Ravelry, where you can easily manage them in your library with one added on advantage: Any time a pattern is updated, you will automatically receive the update.

You already have the paper version of the magazine and now want to download the patterns with your code?

Order the eBook in our shop and enter the code in the shopping cart.  Choose "E-Mail shipping" and "Prepayment" as the payment method.  After ordering, you will automatically receive all patterns by email.

This also works on Ravelry, where you can upload the patterns onto your library - you can find a detailed explanation on how to do this in the magazine!

These are the latest issues of the "Pascuali Collezioni" series: