Rastus Hsu im Interview - Pascuali

An Interview with Rastus Hsu

Greetings, knitting enthusiasts! We extend our yarn's embrace worldwide, inspiring international designers to craft exceptional patterns. Our blog series, "An Interview with …," continues to introd...
Jutta vom Label "Hinterm Stein" im Interview - Pascuali

An Interview with Jutta (Hinterm Stein)

Jutta has been amongst Ravelry´s  top 50 designers. Her designs are clear, classic, sophisticated and innovative. So much so, that even professional knitters can learn new techniques from Jutt...
Natur oder Chemie? Gibt es ein „Besser oder Schlechter“ bei gefärbter Wolle? - Pascuali

Natural or Chemical Dyes? Is There a "Better or Worse" Way to Dye Yarns?

There is no doubt that most fibres that are processed into (knitting) yarns are already beautiful in their natural colours, be it the off-white of silk or cotton, or the different shades of animal ...
Verkürzte Reihen – was, wie und warum? - Pascuali

Short Rows - What, How and Why?

Short rows are a clever way to change the shape and contour of a piece of knitting without increasing or decreasing stitches. With short rows you can bring three-dimensionality into a knitted piece...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut … Camel DK - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Camel DK

We proudly presented the newest addition to the Pascuali range a few weeks ago at the h+h trade fair: Camel DK.
Nützliches Strickzubehör – vom Wollstrang bis zum fertigen Strickstück rundum versorgt - Pascuali

Useful Knitting Accessories - From the Strand of Yarn to the Finished Piece of Knitting

What does it take to knit? Yep, yarn and knitting needles, what a question! In fact, these are the basics without which it really doesn't work. And they are actually sufficient when it comes to th...
Stricknadeln – eine ziemlich vielfältige Gesellschaft - Pascuali

Knitting Needles - Quite a Diverse World!

Knitters all over the world talk and rave about them often enough! So, in this blog, we talk about the different types and materials from which needles are made of and clarify the question of when ...
Wie strickt man nach Strickschriften? - Pascuali

Knitting According to Charts

Regarding this topic, we have some good and some bad news. The good news is that charts can make knitting patterns a lot easier because they are like a map that illustrates how a pattern will look ...
Pascuali im Porträt - Paul - Pascuali

An Interview with Paul Pascuali

In our blog, we have introduced you to various designers and reported on things that are interesting and worth knowing from the world of wool.  This time around, we thought we would tell you a...