Auf die Nadeln geschaut … Camel DK - Pascuali

Putting the spotlight on… Camel DK

We proudly presented the newest addition to the Pascuali range a few weeks ago at the h+h trade fair: Camel DK.
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Maximo - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Maximo

Maximo, derived from the Latin "the greatest", really lives up to its name: The newcomer to the group of Pascuali yarns is super thick, incredibly soft and made from 100 % Argentine GOTS-certified ...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Pinta - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Pinta

Can you believe that Pinta first made its appearance in the Pascuali range as a sock yarn? A sock Yarn, really?
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Alpaca Lace - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Alpaca Lace

If you want something extremely delicate, take a look at our Alpaca Lace!  This luxurious yarn is spun from 100 percent Peruvian baby alpaca fibres and comes in 50 g (1.76 oz) hanks, with a ya...
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Cumbria - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Cumbria

A flat, 50 g ball, delicate shiny and silky: that's Cumbria! Where does its delicate shimmer come from?
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Suave - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Suave

Many people automatically think of potholders when they think of pure cotton yarn.  And then there is  Suave.
Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Nepal - Pascuali

Putting the Spotlight on: Nepal

If you don't immediately think of the terms delicate and soft when you combine linen, nettle and cotton, you can learn something better with our Nepal yarn.