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Pascuali Collezioni – How are our knitwear collections created?

Several times a year, we publish a new "Pascuali Collezioni" knitwear collection magazine which is a great look-book with clothes and accessories for men, women and children.  What´s more, all of the patterns are available to be downloaded directly from our online shop or on Ravelry. How does a collection like this actually come about?
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By Claudia Ostrop

Several times a year, we publish a new "Pascuali Collezioni" knitwear collection magazine which is a great look-book with clothes and accessories for men, women and children.  What´s more, all of the patterns are available to be downloaded directly from our online shop or on Ravelry. How does a collection like this actually come about?

In the following article, we take you on a journey "behind the scenes" from the initial creative steps till the very end when you finally hold a "Collezioni" magazine in your hands. We can already reveal this much: Many hands are involved!

Pascuali Collezioni – from the Idea to the Finished Magazine

The whole process from the moment the first idea is conceived till when the magazine is complete is time consuming. It takes about six months to three quarters of a year until all patterns are designed and knitted, the instructions are written and translated, beautiful photos are taken and we can finally hold a "Collezioni" magazine hot off the press in our hands.

Inspiration is the Starting Point

So where do the ideas for all the beautiful patterns that you find in our “Collezioni” come from?

Behind the Pascuali designs is Kathrin, a fashion designer, who lets her creativity run free. She is always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends. Whether it's through international glossy magazines, the endless range of the Internet or the really big fashion labels - Kathrin is just as inspired by this as by normal everyday life and things that she encounters along the way. Sometimes Kathrin has ideas for individual patterns, but often times she dreams up a whole collection at once.

In the production of all the yarns in the Pascuali range, sustainability is a key element. Therefore, the patterns that are created are also not to be short lived, but rather to last for a long period of time. They not only have to be modern, but timeless for fun knitting and wearing! With this is mind, an eye on what's trending now, where fashion is heading in the near future and her flair for fashion, Kathrin lays the foundation for upcoming designs.

Many times, a specific yarn is at the very core of what inspires Kathrin to create a new pattern. The properties of the yarn will then stand out in that pattern. Time plays an important role; brainstorming does not happen in a single moment, but is rather a continuous process.

She first compiles her collected ideas and inspirations on a mood board – basically a digital pinboard and, so to speak, the essence of the upcoming collection.

These ideas are then discussed with the team before Kathrin sets off to design the patterns. By the way, this is entirely done in the classic way using paper, pencils and coloured crayons! At this point, care is taken that the finished knitted piece will not only look beautiful, of course, but that it will be easy to implement in terms of knitting techniques. After all, knitting should be fun. The yarns for the various designs are selected together with Paul Pascuali.

In addition, to the Pascuali designs, the “Collezioni” magazines usually also feature a oattern by a guest designer. Of course, when making the selection, care is taken to ensure that the pattern chosen also fits in well with the other designs of the collection.

From Paper to Needles – A Pattern Is Created

Once the patterns have been designed, it is time for our knitters to start working.  We are very fortunate to have a wonderful group of knitters who reliably and routinely have been converting Kathrin's specifications into finished knitted items with great skill and passion for many years now. The knitters receive the necessary drawings and measurements, the yarn and information about the patterns and techniques used. The so-called “tech pack” contains all the information and details that the knitters need to bring the sketch of the pattern to life.

The garment or accessory is then knitted in a specified size. The knitters write down every single work step to keep track of all the stitches and row numbers as well as all the techniques used for that size. The knitters are in regular contact with Kathrin. If necessary, technical adjustments or changes to the design can be made right from the first knitting. When creating the knitted basic model, the focus is always on feasibility - after all, the instructions should be able to be followed by everyone not only knitting professionals.

Once Kathrin receives the finished garment, it is checked and it is decided whether the pattern will be implemented exactly as is or whether changes still need to be made. Only when everything is perfect and optimized does a piece of knitting go on its next journey.

From Needles to Paper – The Design Becomes a Written Pattern

So that the pattern can be knitted, of course, you need proper instructions. And if it's a piece of clothing, then of course the instructions should be available for different sizes.
This is where technical proofreading comes in: the proofreader turns the knitter's notes into instructions.
She checks the given figures and techniques and corrects them if necessary. All other sizes are derived from the size of the sample and included in the written instructions. The individual work steps are written down in such a way that they correspond to the standard format of the Pascuali patterns including standard knitting terms and abbreviations. It is, so to speak, a translation into “knitting language.”

Once the German instructions are ready, they are translated into English. "The Collezioni" magazine and its patterns are published in German and English.

Test Knit – The Patterns are Put to the Test

After the instructions have been written by the editor, they are subjected to a practical test: our test knitters work through the individual steps from start to finish. Does everything fit? Is everything logical? Are there any small mistakes hidden in the instructions? This test phase is an excellent opportunity to uncover and correct inconsistencies in the instructions that were theoretically not noticed. So that afterwards you can knit a pattern without any problems!

Pascuali Collezioni – Beautiful Photos!

Of course, nobody wants to take a leap in the dark. A knitting pattern simply needs beautiful photos. And where would the "Collezioni" magazines be without them!

The photo shootings are made professionally at specially selected locations. From hair & make-up to models to styling and, of course, not least the photographer, we rely on professionals.
Our knitwear is not just photographed on the hanger - the "Collezioni" is staged perfectly in  the right setting, mood and light. It doesn't matter whether it's tops for adults, accessories such as bags or headscarves or cute pieces for the little ones. We make no exception, so that you are tempted to knit from the moment you hold the magazine in your hands.

We hope you enjoyed this peek behind the scenes of the creation of our collections and the associated magazines. Maybe you will see the magazines with completely different eyes now? Here you can get all previous editions - including the brand new "Kids 2". On August 29, 2022, "Collezioni 6" our autumn/winter collection will be released.

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