Arctic Gold: Unmatched Luxury with Musk Ox Yarn

Indulge in the extraordinary world of Musk Ox yarn — a fibre so exquisite, it's known as "Arctic Gold." Our yarns, Alaska 2 and Alaska 3 made from 100% Musk Ox wool, offer a level of luxury and warmth unmatched by traditional fibres.


"Qiviut" means "fluff" and refers to the exceptionally soft inner fur of the Musk Ox.

Qiviut: A Rare and Exceptional Fibre

Qiviut, the exquisite undercoat of the Musk Ox, is one of nature's rarest and most exquisite fibres, distinguished by a remarkable elasticity and airy texture that surpass even the renowned softness of cashmere. Celebrated for its exceptional warmth, Qiviut stands as the epitome of luxury, offering a warmth that is eight times greater than sheep's wool. 


The Journey from Arctic Wilderness to Your Hands

The Musk Ox, a large herbivorous mammal native to the Arctic regions of North America, Greenland, and north-eastern Russia, is well-adapted to survive the cold Arctic and subarctic climates. Musk oxen have a distinctive appearance with a thick, shaggy coat that reaches nearly to the ground. Both males and females have curved horns, but those of males are larger and can form a boss across the forehead. The coat consists of a soft underlayer called qiviut, which provides insulation, and longer guard hairs.

Musk oxen faced significant threats in the early 20th century, leading to a drastic decline in their numbers. Conservation efforts, including reintroduction programs, have been successful in stabilizing their populations. However, they are still vulnerable to climate change, habitat loss, and potential diseases.


Alaska 2:

  • Yarn Length: 22 g ~ 140 m | 0.78 oz ~ 153 yds
  • Needle: 2,5 mm | 1-2 US | 12-13 UK
  • Gauge: 28 stitches, 40 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size Small ~ 250 g (12 hanks)
  • Yarn Weight: 22 g | 0.78 oz ~ Hank

Alaska 3:

  • Yarn Length: 22 g ~ 90 m | 0.78 oz ~ 98 yds
  • Needle: 4 mm | 6 US | 8 UK
  • Gauge: 20 stitches, 26 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size Small ~ 350 g (16 hanks)
  • Yarn Weight: 22 g | 0.78 oz ~ Hank

Sustainable, Ethical Harvesting

Harvesting and processing Qiviut involves a complexity about eight times higher than that of other natural fibres. This meticulous process yields a limited annual production of 5-6 tons of Qiviut, a stark contrast to 350,000 tons of cashmere. The exclusive nature of Qiviut is not only due to its intricacy but also its sustainable origin. Musk oxen naturally shed their qiviut once a year. Ethical harvesting practices, such as gentle collection by hand-combing or brushing the musk oxen during the molting season, prioritise the well-being of the animals, ensuring a process that neither harms them nor disrupts their ecosystems. This reflects our dedication to sustainability and the harmonious coexistence of Musk Oxen and their natural habitats.


Why Qiviut?

Exceptional Softness and Unmatched Warmth

Qiviut, celebrated for its unparalleled softness, transcends luxury, outshining even cashmere in its delicate touch. Qiviut achieves its extraordinary thermal efficiency through the unique feature of a hollow core in its fibres. This hollow structure adeptly traps air, further enhancing its insulating properties and solidifying Qiviut as the pinnacle choice for those who seek both luxurious comfort and exceptional warmth.

Fine and Lightweight

Qiviut fibres are exceptionally fine, measuring about 10 to 20 microns in diameter which contributes to the lightweight nature of garments made from it.


Qiviut is also known for being hypoallergenic, making it suitable for individuals with wool allergies.

Alaska 2 and Alaska 3: What Sets Them Apart?

Alaska 2 is a 2-ply yarn with a yardage of 140m (153 yds), ideal for knitting delicate lace shawls, sweaters and cardigans using 2.5 mm (1-2 US) needles.

Alaska 3 is a 3-ply yarn with a yardage of 90m (98 yds), suitable for creating fine accessories such as hats, mitts, gloves, and scarves using 4 mm (6 US) needles.

Both Alaska 2 and Alaska 3 are hand-dyed with care in Germany, featuring a lovely range of nine colours. The natural hue, marked as number 27, acts as the base for the other eight colours. Since the yarn is hand-dyed, it's a good idea to purchase enough from the same LOT to maintain a consistent colour tone. For bigger projects, sticking to the natural colour (27) is your best bet. Keep in mind that when knitting with hand-dyed shades, the final garment may not have an even colour. This is completely normal and just part of the handmade charm!

Don't miss the chance to work with the rarest and most luxurious fibre nature has to offer. Immerse yourself in the warmth, softness, and unparalleled quality of our Musk Ox yarns made with pure, natural “Arctic Gold”. 


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