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Putting the Spotlight on: Tibetan

We have had Tibetan in our range for a number of years, and now this cosy merino-yak mix has been spruced up.

By Claudia Ostrop

We have had Tibetan in our range for a number of years, and now this cosy merino-yak mix has been spruced up:

Instead of the previous five pastel shades, Tibetan is now available in no less than 38 different colours. The colourway moves across delicate natural tones to bright and beautiful ones. Do you prefer to knit with colours that blend together or would you like to add bright and cheerful accents to your project? The colourway of Tibetan leaves nothing to be desired!

So that you can start knitting right away, Tibetan no longer needs to be wound! Now, it comes in 50 g balls instead of 100 g hanks.

Tibetan is a worsted weight yarn with a length of 137 yds (125 meters) per 50 g. It is made up of 70 % organic merino from Patagonia and 30 % yak wool from Mongolia. This double-twisted yarn is wonderfully soft: No wonder: the fineness of merino is 17.5 microns (= ultra-fine) and that of yak fibre is only 16 microns! The fibres are spun together very loosely making Tibetan wonderfully fluffy.

Needle sizes of 6 – 7 US (4 to 4.5 mm) are recommended. Depending on how tightly you knit, you can definitely choose to knit with thicker needles - as always: try it out!

Tibetan is easy to cast on. The yarn slides smoothly through your fingers while knitting. Although the fibres are only loosely spun and twisted, the yarn remains intact when knitting and does not split. With thick needles you can quickly knit a beautiful piece - with a great, even stitch definition.

The knitted fabric has a delicate fluff and feels pleasant to the touch. With a 6 US (4 mm) needle you can achieve a nicely tight stitch structure that is still soft and, above all, very light. Perfect for warming tops! With a thicker needle, the stitch structure is correspondingly loose and the yarn will plump up. Certainly, great for large shawls!

Tibetan is also ideal for textured patterns. Because this is a thick yarn, yet not a bulky one, it is perfect to knit cables and braids 

Our swatch samples have retained their size after blocking. (By the way, there is a lot of information about caring for wool in our blog post (Insert lInk), in which we devote ourselves entirely to the care of knitted garments). Because the yarn is very loosely spun, the knitted fabric can also be pulled into shape after washing. So, you have some leeway, for example when you need to bring a pullover to the perfect size. When blocked, the fibres of this merino-yak blend will plump up and relax, the stitches will even out and cohere into a beautifully even, soft and sturdy fabric.

The resulting fabric is very soft on the skin! It does not cause itching so that even people with the most sensitive skin can wear it directly on the skin without any problems.

Tibetan is perfect for everything that needs to be soft, warm and cosy - for tops as well as for gloves, hats and shawls. 

Have fun knitting!

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