Pinta is a Spanish word usually used in the expression “tener buena pinta” which means “to look good.”  It can be used to describe just about anything from food, to clothes, a piece of art, a movie, or an object.  And so it is that when Paul Pascuali saw this beautiful blend of merino, silk and ramie, he couldn´t help but think that it looked amazingly good.  He was right: it not only looked good, it felt fabulous to the touch!  And so, he called it Pinta!


Pinta is an ideal year-round yarn that offers outstanding versatility due to its unique fiber composition, consisting of 60% merino, 20% silk, and 20% ramie. This carefully selected blend combines the temperature-regulating properties of merino wool, the luxurious softness of silk, and the durable lightness of ramie.

Pinta, a Sock Yarn? You Gotta Be Kidding!

Yes, it is true!  Pinta was originally intended to be a sock yarn made with 100% natural fibres, but it soon proved to be much more than that: it is truly an allrounder wonderful yarn that can be used to knit many different kinds of garments and accessories. 

What distinguishes Pinta from other yarns is its very unique composition: 60% merino, 20% silk and 20% ramie. We source our merino wool from Patagonia.  It is mulesing free and is RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) certified. The RWS is a voluntary global standard that provides verification of the practices that are happening at farm level, making sure the sheep are protected, the land is managed properly paying close attention to soil health, biodiversity and native species; ensuring social welfare, good working conditions and workers´ health and safety. 

Pinta owes its glossy shine and smoothness to mulberry silk, known as “natural silk” and referred to many as the “queen” of fabrics for it is, after all, the highest quality of silk there is. Learn more about silk in our blogpost All About Silk.

The yarn gets its robustness from its other very special ingredient: ramie, which is a plant fibre of the nettle family noted for its length and toughness.  It is an eco-friendly fibre, highly sustainable and a very good alternative to synthetic fibres. We source both the silk and the ramie from China. 

Sustainability & Fair Trade

The fibres are processed in a mill located in Arequipa, Peru´s second largest city where it is cleaned, dyed and spun. The working conditions are fair and great value is placed on a recycling economy in order to protect the environment. This means that the entire process is self-contained. For example, the mud produced when the fibres are washed is used to fertilize the pastures which will later be used to nourish other animals. Care is taken to ensure that energy consumption is made more environmentally friendly by using solar energy, and the water that is used is recycled.


  • Composition: 60% Virgin wool (Merino extrafine, RWS certified), 20% Silk (Mulberry silk), 20% Ramie
  • Yardage: 50 g ~ 212 m | 1.76 oz ~ 232 yds
  • Needle size: 3 mm | 3 US | 11 UK
  • Gauge: 25 stitches, 30 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Pullover in size S ~ 400 g (8 hanks), socks in size 38 ~ 100 g (2 hanks)
  • Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Hank / Fingering - Socks

Looking Good! 

25 fabulous colours to shower your knitting project with rays of sunshine!

Pinta has been a part of the Pascuali range for many years undergoing several upgrades not only in its composition, but also its colour palette. Today, Pinta comes in 6 colour blocks of 4 colours each plus white. 

These four blocks are formed by pairs that work together complementing each other with one colour being a rich, strong colour and the other being a muted colour, i.e. not as saturated as its counterpart.  

Feeling Awesome!

Six reasons to feel good about knitting and wearing Pinta.


Pinta offer several advantages when it comes to comfort because it is perfect for all-year-round clothing due to its thermoregulating properties: When it’s hot, the fibres absorb the body’s moisture vapours and evaporate them to the outside, keeping you nice and cool. In contrast during the colder months, these moisture vapours condense inside the fibre, giving off heat and keeping you nice and warm.

Odour resistant

Pinta absorbs all odour molecules! No matter how hot it is, you’ll feel fresh all day long. Your garment made with Pinta will not smell. On top of that, you don’t need to wash it each time you’ve worn it. Just hang it in the open air and enjoy it again the next day.

Easy Care

The naturally protective outer layer of the fibre will prevent stains from being absorbed. However, when your favourite item is dirty, just wash it on low temperature. Not sure how to start? Check out our blog on how to care for your woollen garments here: Caring for Wool

Wrinkle Resistant

The elastic properties of Pinta make it extremely wrinkle resistant. When you’re travelling with a packed suitcase, just get out your Pinta garments, hang them for half an hour and you’re all good. No annoying wrinkle damage from seatbelts or backpacks any more. Pinta is the ultimate on-the-go companion.

Not Itchy and Hypoallergenic

When we say sock wool, you think Grandma’s-Itchy-Christmas-Socks?

Have we got news for you! Due to its wonderful blend, Pinta is more flexible, bends softly against your skin and doesn’t itch one bit. This hypoallergenic yarn treats your skin softly and with great care.


Pinta also supports the concept of sustainability and is naturally 100% ecological! It is highly durable and completely biodegradable which helps to prevent unnecessary waste. The fact that woollen products do not have to be washed so frequently thanks to their self-cleaning function also has a positive impact on the environment.


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