Stricknadeln – eine ziemlich vielfältige Gesellschaft - Pascuali

Knitting Needles - Quite a Diverse World!

Knitters all over the world talk and rave about them often enough! So, in this blog, we talk about the different types and materials from which needles are made of and clarify the question of when ...
Wie strickt man nach Strickschriften? - Pascuali

Knitting According to Charts

Regarding this topic, we have some good and some bad news. The good news is that charts can make knitting patterns a lot easier because they are like a map that illustrates how a pattern will look ...
Pascuali im Porträt - Paul - Pascuali

An Interview with Paul Pascuali

In our blog, we have introduced you to various designers and reported on things that are interesting and worth knowing from the world of wool.  This time around, we thought we would tell you a...
Die Geschichte des Strickens – ein Buch ohne Anfang - Pascuali

The History of Knitting – A Book Without a Clear Beginning

If you look at the history of knitting, it quickly becomes clear that it has a lot of chapters - but the first ones are missing. There are only guesses about the "hour of birth" of knitting, about ...
Patentstricken – Next Level - Pascuali

Brioche Knitting – The Next Level

A little while ago, we published the first part on the subject of Brioche Knitting also known as English Rib Pattern. We introduced you to basic brioche, Fisherman´s Rib and Mock or Fake brioche a...
Die richtige Größe beim Stricken finden – mit Anpassungen zur perfekten Passform - Pascuali

Finding the Right Size and Making Adjustments for the Perfect Fit

Today, we give you tips on how to find the right size for you and how you can a pattern changes.
Patentmuster stricken – die Grundlagen - Pascuali

The Basics of Brioche Knitting

When it comes to the brioche stitch, opinions differ: It's often heard that brioche stitch is challenging. Different patterns? Basically, there are three different forms of brioche stitches: Full b...
Streifen und Ringel ohne lästige Absätze stricken – „Jogless knitting“ - Pascuali

"Jogless Knitting" – Knitting Stripes in the Round without “Half-Steps”!

When tackling multicolour knits, stripes are an easy way to achieve beautiful results without a lot of counting. Thick block stripes, fine stripes, in a wild mix of bright colours or delicate and t...
Von Garngewichten und Lauflängen - Pascuali

All About Yarn Weight and Yardage

Most probably everyone knows that in the world of yarns there are thin yarns, thicker yarns, and really thick yarns. From wafer-thin to finger-thick, the range in yarn shops and online shops is qui...