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Putting the Spotlight on: Alpaca Fino

If you are looking for a nice soft yet robust yarn that has a certain strength but is not too thick, Alpaca Fino made of 100 percent baby alpaca is the best choice
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By Claudia Ostrop

If you are looking for a lovely soft yet hard wearing yarn that is not too heavy, then Alpaca Fino, made from 100 percent baby alpaca, is the perfect choice!  

Being a DK weight it is perfect for a variety of projects and comes in 23 different colors ranging from natural white and delicate pink to strong yellow and dark grey.  It has a yardage of 100 m (109 yds) per 50 g (1.76 oz) skein.

Alpaca Fino is fluffy and very smooth to the touch, with a delicate glossy shine and a light fluff.  The yarn is slightly mottled, and the colours are vibrant, yet subtle.

The hank has to be wound into a ball before knitting (or crocheting!), but since Alpaca Fino is so smooth, this will be done in no time!  The recommended needle size is 4 – 4.5 mm (US 7).  However, as every knitter knits differently, it is essential that you make a gauge swatch to find the right size needle for you and your project!

Alpaca Fino is extremely smooth and glides effortlessly through the fingers onto the needles with a  very even stitch definition especially in stockinette stitch.  The resulting knitted fabric has a lovely rustic charm with subtle mottling and vibrant colours.  Simple stockinette stitch patterns are perfect to make this stunning yarn shine! If you prefer working with textured patterns, Alpaca Fino creates beautiful cables and lacework too.  Despite its smoothness, the yarn is not slippery, making it pleasure to work with.

Alpaca is characterised by a very stable and long lasting fibre. Thus garments made from it are hard wearing and do not lose their shape.  This is the perfect combination of luxurious yarn and sustainability!

Alpaca Fino has a beautiful fluff, which isn't really apparent until the yarn has had a bath and has been blocked.  Click here to read our blog post for hints and tips on how to keep your knitted treasures looking their best.

Alpaca Fino is a warm snuggly yarn, perfect for sweaters and cardigans and accessories like scarves, hats and gloves.  It is so wonderfully soft and light it can be worn by people with the most sensitive skin without itching or scratching.

Well, what do you think? Please step this way to discover our wonderful Alpaca Fino!

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