Auf die Nadeln geschaut:  Puno und Puno Winikunka

Putting the Spotlight on: Puno and Puno Winikunka

Our yarn siblings Puno and Puno Winikunka offer a not necessarily everyday material mix: 70 percent GOTS-certified cotton and 30 percent alpaca wool make them truly special!
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By Claudia Ostrop

Puno is an unusual mix of 70 % GOTS-certified cotton and 30 % alpaca wool making it something very special!  It is available in 50 g (1.76 oz) balls with a yardage of 200 m (218 yds).  Rather than being dyed, the various natural color alpaca fibers have been mixed with cotton to create a very striking yarn. Its sibling Puno Winikunka is dyed and comes in 28 colourful but natural shades. 

Puno/Puno Winikunka is quite a thin, 4 ply yarn with a recommended needle size is 2.5 mm (US 1-2).  It has excellent stitch definition and is wonderfully smooth to work with.  Although it contains cotton, Puno should not be compared with pure cotton!  This blend of cotton and alpaca make it extremely soft and pleasurable to work with.  It glides smoothly through the fingers to the needles and doesn't split when knitting, making it perfect for knitting and crocheting.

Puno and Puno Winikunka work well in both stockinette stitch and lacework.  In fact, Puno will lend itself to just about any knitting or crocheting project!

The combination of cotton and alpaca creates a delightful knitted fabric.  The cotton gives it firmness, while the delicate alpaca provides lightness and a good drape.

Puno has a delicate sheen and bloom, and careful washing makes both elements shine.  Click here to read our blog post for hints and tips on how to keep your knitted treasures looking their best.

The alpaca fibres in the Puno yarns make them delicate yet hard wearing.  In fact, Puno and Puno Winikunka are so delicate that they can be worn next to the most sensitive skin without itching or scratching.

Puno and Puno Winikunka are perfect for making light sweaters or cardigans as well as scarves or shawls.  The cotton makes it ideal for summer wear, while the alpaca gives it wintertime coziness.  The perfect all year round yarn!

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