Our Reforestation Project #KnitYourTree

What Is Reforestation?

The process of reforestation involves planting trees in wood areas that have been destroyed because of natural disasters like wildfires, drought or floods and unnatural ones like logging, mining or agricultural clearing.  There are particular hazardous effects caused to our planet on account of the huge loss of trees worldwide. This has caused extreme climatic fluctuations and a polluted atmosphere that has destroyed the ozone layer and has introduced a severe threat to the planer in the form of global warming. 

Why Is Reforestation Important?

Reforestation is crucial to maintaining the fertility of the soil and regaining biodiversity to keep a balance in our ecosystem and our environment. Forests play an essential part in decreasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere because trees are a source of oxygen. They help prevent erosion of the soil and assist in keeping a balance in the ecological changes which happen throughout the year. Furthermore, reforestation aids in maintaining a variety of species of plants and animals that otherwise would be extinct in a brief period of time. 

The Pascuali Reforestation Project

Our reforestation project began in December 2021 when we gave our partner shops 170 trees as our holiday gift and way of thanking them for their continuous support and collaboration.  The trees not only show our ongoing commitment to our environment, but also symbolize our close relationship to our clients, one that we are confident will continue to grow and strengthen in the years to come. The 170 trees were planted in Lüdenscheid, Germany (Location coordinates: 51°10'08.2"N 7°39'20.9"E ) on March 8, 2022.  

How many trees do we plant?

The number of trees we plant varies each year. We order trees on a quarterly basis and each quarter we announce the number of trees ordered. At the end of each calendar year, we report on exactly how many trees and where they have been planted.  Each one of our partner shops receives a tree certificate for a certain number of trees planted in their name.

Who plants the trees and where are they planted?

After much research, we decided to partner with serious foundations and organizations that are known worldwide and whom we trust.  In some cases (especially when planting takes place in Germany), we will be able to travel to the planting site, witness the planting of the trees and take pictures of the event.  Due to legal and/or insurance reasons, we are not allowed to do the planting ourselves. 

What kind of trees are planted?

The success of reforestation efforts lies in planting trees that are not only appropriate for the area, but also offer the variety required by each specific ecosystem.  It is for this reason that we have partnered with organizations who have experts in the field and whom we trust. 

50% of the trees will be planted in Germany

We have chosen to work with the following institutions: Plant My Tree (the first 170 trees were ordered here)

PLANT-MY-TREE® is an organization that concentrates on the afforestation of areas previously used for other purposes, and forest conversion and forest protection on areas where forest stands have been destroyed, e.g. by disease or climatic changes, or where the forest stand can only be preserved in the long term by forest conversion.

Sustainable planting of trees on suitable areas as well as planned project durations of at least 99 years, during which no deforestation or economic use is to take place, emphasize the long-term climate protection goals of PLANT-MY-TREE®.

Forest Foundation

The Forest Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Hamburg that is committed to promoting nature conservation, environmental education and forest research. It was founded in 2006 with partners from the fields of forestry, forest education and nature conservation, the foundation implements regional projects in accordance with their goals which include: the creation of near-natural forests and their protection; maintenance of existing forest areas in accordance with natural forest management; education on the topic of forest and sustainability; and research in the field of forest and nature conservation.

20% of the trees will be planted in Mongolia through the Förderverein Mongolei e.V.

We have chosen to support this reforestation project in Mongolia because we source our Cashmere and Yak fibres there. Due mostly to the rapid rise in global demand for cashmere wool, the fastest growing herds are goats which are kept by nomads. As a result, the grasslands are disappearing. By actively taking part in supporting reforestation projects we contribute to stop the growth of desserts.

The Förderverein Mongolei e.V. was founded in 2008 by Wilma Brüggemann in Nürtingen, Germany. Under her direction, many campaigns have been carried out in support of the Galsan Tschinag's tree project. Galsan Tschinag and Galtaikhuu Galsan, father and son, started a project to plant trees in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in 2021. Their goal "One million trees for Mongolia" finally came true, thanks to their great personal commitment and the support of many around the world. With this project, the Galsan Tschinag Foundation has raised awareness throughout Mongolia of the importance of trees in relation to climate and environmental protection. 

30% of the trees will be planted in other parts of the world

We continuously look for serious and transparent organizations world-wide that are in charge of reforestation projects.  Our yearly report includes a detailed description of how many trees have been planted and where.

How can you support our reforestation efforts?

With every purchase you make directly on our online shop or through one of our partner shops worldwide, you are supporting our reforestation program.

Together, we can make a difference!  So, get started and “knit your tree” with us!

As you sit at home knitting comfortably, you can rest assured you too are doing something for our environment: together we are planting trees for a greener tomorrow!

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