Auf die Nadeln geschaut: Babyalpaca Los Andes

Putting the Spotlight on: Babyalpaca Los Andes

Is this a skein of yarn or something for cuddling? Our Baby Alpaca Los Andes is so wonderfully soft, thick, and fluffy that you almost want to snuggle with it!

By Pascuali 

Is that a skein of wool or something to cuddle with? So wonderfully soft and thick and fluffy is our Babyalpaca Los Andes that you almost want to hug it! 

As the name tells you, it consists of 100 percent baby alpaca fibers from the Peruvian Andes. These fibres, obtained from the first shearing, are even softer than those of adult animals. We offer you this wonderful yarn undyed only. Thanks to the many different colours of the alpacas, the colour palette of Babyalpaca Los Andes comes in eight different shades from natural white to brown and anthracite.

With a yardage of 100 m (109 yds) per 100 g (3.5 oz) Babyalpaca Los Andes is a yarn in bulky/chunky weight. The 2-ply thread has a slight shine and is surrounded by a fine fleece. It is incredibly soft! If you stroke it, you can feel the smoothness of the yarn, which makes knitting (or crocheting) a pure pleasure. 

Winding is super fast, as the reel can turn its rounds jerk-free. The yardage does the rest - in no time at all you have a ready-to-knit ball in your hands and can get started! Needle sizes from 5 to 6 mm are the recommended. As always you have to find out how you like the knitted fabric better (or how you get the desired gauge). With the thinner needle, knitted in stockinette stitch, you get a fantastic, extremely even stitch definition and a rather dense, firm knitted fabric. Perfect for a thick cardigan! With the thicker needle, the stitch appearance remains just as beautiful, but the knitted fabric gets a slightly softer drape. Just try out what you like more! With such a great yarn as the Babyalpaca Los Andes even knitting samples of stitches or patterns is really fun! 

Since Babyalpaca Los Andes is undyed, the thread shows a slight colour play of the fibres. This gives the knitted fabric a very beautiful, subtle vibrancy. That's why the yarn looks even great when knitted just in plain stockinette stitch! But also textured patterns appear very well, e.g. thick cables. By the way, the fleece of the yarn gets a little more after washing! Tips for the right washing of your wool knitwear can be found by clicking here.

Due to the abundant thickness of the yarn, you have to cast on relatively few stitches for a project, of course, and with the thick needles, you make quick progress. The wool glides perfectly through the fingers and the stitches. It feels so beautiful that it's really fun to hold it in your hands and work with it. 

And despite this softness, Babyalpaca Los Andes is incredibly strong: it's almost impossible to just tear the thread! Of course, this stability also has an effect on the finished knitted piece: It will practically not wear out or lose its shape. In addition, Babyalpaca Los Andes hardly pills. 

It is perfect for anything that needs to warm. Sweaters or jackets, scarves, hats or mittens? Babyalpaca Los Andes is a great cosy all-rounder!

Have we convinced you? Here's where you can find the Baby Alpaca Los Andes models.

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