50g Sole for dyeing. Yarn from pima cotton and cashmere

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Product information

This wonderful natural wool is a heavenly symbiosis between a plant and an animal! Sole feels very soft on the skin thanks to the cotton-cashmere blend. This yarn is 6-ply and three times twisted in contrast to the Autumn/Spring yarn. That is why this yarn has a finer and more graceful structure.

The cashmere wool is obtained from the combed underhair of the cashmere goat and then spun.

Sole is a perfect all-year-round yarn. Whether you choose a light summer top or a warm sweatshirt, you will definitely enjoy knitting with it. The yarn is suited for shawls, wraps, pullovers, hats and hand warmers.

The yarn has a even stitch definition  and is suited for all kinds of the patterns. People with sensitive skin will be happy having a gift made from this incredible light and soft yarn.



You can wash you Sole article in the washing machine at the 30°. Please use exclusively a detergent for wool and dry the article possibly only placed lying down on a terry towel to avoid deformation! You also can dry your fabric on the foam hangers but no way directly close to the heat source!