Alaska 3 . luxury yarn made from musk-ox hair

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Composition: 100% Musk Ox
Winding: Skein
Thread’s length: 80m/22g
Knitting needle size: 4mm, 6 U.S.
Weight: Fingering, Sock
Weight: Fingering, sock
Yarn type: 3-fädig
Recommended tension sample: 28 sts. 38 rows
Fabric consumption: 350g
Origin (fibre): Alaska
Spun in: Canada
Dyed in: Germany (handdye by Das Regenbogenschaf)
Delivery from articles wich are still not available in stock: Available in 4-6 weeks.
Manufacturer Pascuali
Content 22 gram

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Melanie BergKnitwear Designer
"Living close to the Pascuali headquarters, it is a special honor for me to be working together with this amazing company. It’s not only their high-quality yarns, but also their social commitment that draws me in, and I’m looking forward to seeing knitters all over the world enjoying the beauty of Pascuali yarns."


This yarn is unique, it`s made from 100% musk-ox wool and it`s worthy of your admiration! The undercoat of musk ox, which is also called Kivyut, also known as the finest and rarest natural fibers. Our yarn is extra soft, cause the wool fibers are delivered from Alaska and yarn - from the city of Quebec (Canada). This matchless material comes to us from Quebec.

Because of its weight musk ox wool is eight times warmer than sheep's wool. In addition, it is softer, more elastic and airier than cashmere. Therefore, in Alaska began domesticate musk oxen, a provider of this exclusive wool. The undercoat of animals combed by hand, then cultivated in high-quality yarn named Kivyut.

"Kivyut" means "fluff" and implies an inner winter fur of musk ox. This wool saves the animals during the arctic storms and very low temperatures. Arctic people have long been aware of the incredible property Kivyut fur to keep warm. And now you can enjoy incredible quality wool Kivyut too.

Musk ox wool fibers is a very rare and special natural product, since the process of obtaining and processing Kivyut wool is about eight times harder than other natural fibers. The Kivyut fibers get their volume by the fact that they comprise 60% of the air ducts. The presence of such channels in contrast to other fibers explains the incredible ability of musk ox wool for insulation. Annually it is produced only 5-6 tons of this wool. So, the annual output of the cashmere goat wool is 350,000 tons.

Even in the future the special properties of musk ox wool will not lose their value. For a good reason wool Kivyut is also called Arctic gold. If you ever were holding the product of musk ox wool, even the cashmere will seem not gentle enough after that.

You can order the Alaska 2Ply yarn at any time online.


Wash your knitted article best by hand, handwarm at a temperature of not more than 30°, but not in the wash machine. Please use exclusively a detergent for wool and dry the article only placed lying down best on the terry towel to get rid of the deformations! You can also dry it on the foam plastic hangers but far away from the heat source!

Please do not forget that every monitor has its typical colors of display what can cause color divergence with the original tinting color.

It is important that you have enough of the knitting yarn for the desired knitting model. Best of all is when you begin with the knitting right after you have received the yarn. So you can estimate if you have ordered enough of the yarn and could then immediately reorder. Furthermore you could check if there are sufficient quantities of the yarn of the same batch in stock. Please note that despite similar colors there can be differences in the colors of the yarn from the different batches.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at any time at

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