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Product information

This yarn is unique. It is made from 100% musk-ox wool and it is worthy of your admiration! The undercoat of musk ox, also called Kivyut, is known as one of the finest and rarest natural fibres. Our yarn is extra soft. The wool fibres are delivered from Alaska. The yarn is spun in city of Quebec (Canada).

Because of its weight, musk ox wool is eight times warmer than sheep's wool. In addition, it is softer, more elastic and airier than cashmere. For this very reason, the people in Alaska began to domesticate musk oxen. The undercoat of the animals is combed by hand to produce this high-quality yarn which they call Kivyut.

"Kivyut" means "fluff" and implies an inner winter fur of musk ox. This wool protects the animals during storms and the very low temperatures of the Arctic. And now you can enjoy incredible quality wool Kivyut too.

Musk ox wool fibre is a very rare and special natural product, since the process of obtaining and processing Kivyut wool is about eight times harder than that of other natural fibres. The Kivyut fibers get their volume by the fact that they comprise 60% of the air ducts. The presence of such channels in contrast to other fibers explains the incredible ability of musk ox wool for insulation. Annually it is produced only 5-6 tons of this wool. So, the annual output of the cashmere goat wool is 350,000 tons.

Even in the future the special properties of musk ox wool will not lose their value. For a good reason wool Kivyut is also called Arctic gold. If you ever were holding the product of musk ox wool, even the cashmere will seem not gentle enough after that.


  • Yarn Lenght: 22 g ~ 90 m | 0.78 oz ~ 98 yds
  • Needle size: 4 mm | 6 US | 8 UK
  • Gauge 20 stitches, 26 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 350g (16 skeins)
  • Yarn Weight: 22 g | 0.78 oz ~ Skein


  • Fibre: Musk Ox ~ Alaska (USA)
  • Spun in Canada
  • Dyed in Germany