Designed by Molina del Rey

Measurement/Size: XS-S, (M-L, XL)
Pattern language: German, English
Skill level: Easy

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Product information

The "Topsy Turvy Rainbow" pullover is a feel-good sweater designed by Molina del Rey. It can be casually combined with jeans or, worn over a blouse, for a business look.
If you knit the sweater one size larger, you can also wear it oversized.

For this model, we chose our cotton yarn with a cashmere feel, "Suave". It was knit using three strands of yarn, so you can quickly have a finished result.

Suave is a 1-ply wicking yarn made of 100% cotton with a length of 177 yds per 25 grams.

This pullover is knitted as "RVO" (raglan from the top) and offers the advantage that it does not have to be sewn together later.

This model is well suited for beginners because it is knit in the round. 

Kit content

<p>Knitting instructions<br />3, (3, 4) x 25g <a href="" target="_blank">Pascuali Suave</a> (100% cotton) color A<br />1, (2, 3) x 25g Pascuali Suave (100% cotton) color B<br />2, (2, 2) x 25g Pascuali Suave (100% cotton) color C.<br />2, (2, 3) x 25g Pascuali Suave (100% cotton) color D<br />2, (2, 4) x 25g Pascuali Suave (100% cotton) color E<br />2, (2, 4) x 25g Pascuali Suave (100% cotton) color F</p>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>15 US (10 mm)&nbsp;circular needle,&nbsp;16" (40 cm) &nbsp;and&nbsp;32" (80 cm)</p>

How do I get the pattern?

<p>The pattern is included in the kit and will be sent as a PDF by email. You can order it separately&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>.</p>

Our Colour Combinations

<p>Colour combination 1: colour A = Suave 78, colour B = Suave 52, colour C = Suave 64, colour D = Suave 54, colour E = Suave 68, colour F = Suave 74 (original combination)<br />Colour combination 2: colour A = Suave 62, colour B = Suave 64, colour C = Suave 58, colour D = Suave 66, colour E = Suave 76, colour F = Suave 50<br />Colour combination 3: colour A = Suave 60, colour B = Suave 68, colour C = Suave 72, colour D = Suave 80, colour E = Suave 66, colour F = Suave 50<br />Colour combination 4: colour A = Suave 72, colour B = Suave 52, colour C = Suave 62, colour D = Suave 58, colour E = Suave 56, colour F = Suave 74</p> <p><br />Can't find a colour combination you like?&nbsp;You can put your own colour&nbsp;combination together <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>.&nbsp;</p>