Designed by Sandra Fischer

Measurement/Size: Scarf: 69 x 20", hat: 22"
Pattern language: English, German
Skill level: Easy

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Product information

This set, consisting of hat and scarf, has an elegant and timeless design. The fine cashmere yarn is soft, extremely light and a very good temperature regulation quality.

The pattern is knit using two different needle sizes. Both sides of the knit have an attractive look.

Have fun knitting!

Kit content

<p>5 x 25g <a href="https://www.pascuali.de/en/pascuali-cashmere-6/28-100-cashmere-yarn-21-farben_201025_1002" target="_blank">Pascuali Cashmere 6/28</a> (100% cashmere wool) colour A<br />4 x 25g<a href="http://Pascuali Cashmere 6/28" target="_blank"> Pascuali Cashmere 6/28</a> (100% cashmere wool) colour B</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>Circular knitting needle&nbsp;6 US | 8 UK (4.0 mm)&nbsp;and&nbsp;10 US | 4 UK (6 mm)&nbsp;&nbsp;24" (for the scarf)<br />Circular knitting needle 6 US | 8 UK (4.0 mm)&nbsp;and&nbsp;10 US | 4 UK (6 mm)&nbsp; 16"&nbsp;(for the hat)</p>

How do I get the pattern?

<p>The pattern is not included in the bundle.</p> <p>Get the pattern as a PDF file at the Ravelry&nbsp;shop here: <a href="https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kaschmir-set-royal" target="_blank">Pattern&nbsp;Cashmere Set Royal</a></p>

Our Colour Combinations

<p>Colour combination 1: colour A: 511 and 4 x colour B: 508 (original combination by Sandra Fischer)<br />Colour combination 2: colour A: 677 and 4 x colour B: 601<br />Colour combination 3: colour A: 518 and 4 x colour B: 610<br />Colour combination 4: colour A: 548 and 4 x colour B: 622<br />Colour combination 5: colour A: 520 and 4 x colour B: 683</p> <p>Can't find a colour combination you like? Choose your own colours <a href="http://www.pascuali.de/en/pascuali-cashmere-6/28-100-cashmere-yarn-21-farben_201025_1002" target="_blank">HERE.</a><br />You need 5 x 25g of one colour and 4 x 25g of another colour of Pascuali Cashmere 6/28 yarn.</p>