Designed by Julia-Maria Hegenbart (Feinmotorik)

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Skill level: Intermediate

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Product information

A new Mystery Knit Along - with Feinmotorik to Peru

As a reminder, knitalong is where a group of knitters knit a mystery pattern at the same time. It is a mystery because you do not know what the end project will look like. At the beginning, the only information you have is a general idea of what it will be (in this case a cowl and a hat) and how much and what wool you will need for it. The pattern is broken down into a series of sections or clues which are gradually published. So, you knit the whole project in stages within a given timeframe.  

With the Jaqaru KAL we make a little trip to Peru. Jaqaru (Haq'aru) is an endangered language in Peru which belongs to the Aru language family. Jaqaru means "human language" and is only spoken by about 700 people today. The majority of speakers have migrated from the Tupe district and the surrounding villages to the capital Lima, where today mainly Spanish is spoken and the Jaqaru language is not passed on to the children.

If you do not want to knit with alpaca, you can choose other yarns which are also good for this project. For example, camel wool Cairo 4 and Yak Mongolia. Also our new organic cashmere Cashmere Worsted would be suitable for Jaqaru. Those, who want to forego the animal fibers, can knit vegan with our cotton yarn Re-Jeans

Kit content

<p>3 x 50 g <a href="" target="_blank">Pascuali Alpaca Fino</a> (100% baby alpaca) in&nbsp;the colour A&nbsp;<br />3 x 50 g&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Pascuali Alpaca Fino</a>&nbsp;(100% baby alpaca) in the colour B</p> <p>Colours of the original design:<br />Colour&nbsp;A = #&nbsp;07&nbsp;(plate-grey)<br />Colour B&nbsp;= #&nbsp;43&nbsp;(fir green)</p> <p>We offer you knitting kits in 10 different colour combinations.<br />Of course, you can separately compose your favourite colours.&nbsp;<br /><span style="font-size: 11pt; line-height: 16.866666793823242px; font-family: &quot;Palatino Linotype&quot;, serif;">For the composition of your colour combination, it is best to choose two colours that are in the highest possible contrast to each other.</span></p>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>circular needles 4,0 mm (US 6), 40 cm (15u201c)&nbsp;long (or another needle size to obtain gauge)<br />6 stitch markers<br />1 tapestry needle<br />1 scissors</p>

How do I get the pattern?

<p>All the necessary information about this project can be found under the following link: <a href="" target="_blank">Blog Jaqaru</a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Our Colour Combinations

<p>Colour combination&nbsp;01 (original):&nbsp;#07&nbsp;+ #43<br />Colour combination 02: #01 + #06<br />Colour combination 03: #01 + #30<br />Colour combination 04: #34 + #31<br />Colour combination 05: #34 + #33<br />Colour combination 06: #36 + #01<br />Colour combination 07: #33&nbsp;+ #36<br />Colour combination 08: #37 + #39<br />Colour combination 09: #43 + #45<br />Colour combination 10: #41 + #40</p>