In every season, be it spring, summer, fall or winter there are those very special days when the sun shines bright, the sky is blue, and the air nice and crisp.  It´s nature´s most wonderful invitation for us to enjoy the outdoors and celebrate life. We´ve taken this invitation and transformed it into a very special yarn: Sole, a blend of fine Pima cotton and luxurious cashmere.

“Sole” is the Italian word for “sun” for it is there that the idea for this wonderful yarn was conceived; among the rustle of vines, overlooking a beautiful valley from a sun baked terrace, surrounded by wonderful food and, of course, art.  And isn´t every hand craft a work of art?  

Sole is a yarn with an unusual combination of plant and animal fibres not normally found in a cotton yarn. It is made with 90% Peruvian Pima cotton which is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fibre than conventional cotton, one of thebest-quality, most luxurious cotton in the world. It offers a much softer texture and greater strength and durability than regular short-staple cotton. It also uses more hands-on growing methods that do not harm the environment as much as methods used in regular cotton production.

To top it all off and bring you a unique yarn that you are sure to love, we have added a luxurious touch of “sparkling Prosecco” as it were: 10% Mongolian cashmere! The result is a 

 6 ply yarn with a triple twist that is exceptionally soft, durable, breathable, with high moisture wicking capability and a touch of luxury which adds on warmth. 

A Mystical Colour Palette

Majestic mountains, golden beaches, Mediterranean cuisine, the scenic vineyards with verdant rolling hills of the country´s best-known wines have all inspired Sole´s vibrant colour palette: 35 beautiful colours you can choose from, and mix and match as you wish to create your own work of art.  

Machine Washable

Despite it being a delicate yarn with a soft texture, garments knitted with Sole can be put in the washing machine (104 °F / 40°C) without worrying about them shrinking, pilling, or fading. Sole is wrinkle resistant as well!  So, you can simply put your garment on a flat surface to dry and voilà, you can wear it again and again, as many times as you wish!


Pima cotton is hypoallergenic which means that people with sensitive skin can wear it without any trouble. Because it is not scratchy, it can be worn directly on the skin making it the perfect yarn for baby garments as well.


  • - Composition: 90% Cotton (Pima) | 10% Cashmere Wool
  • - Yarn Length: 50 g ~ 140 m | 1.76 oz ~ 153 yds
  • - Needle size: 3,5 mm | 4 US | 11 UK
  • - Gauge: 23 stitches, 39 rows to 4" (10 cm)
  • - Usage: Sweater in size small ~ 350g (7 balls)
  • - Yarn Weight: 50 g | 1.76 oz ~ Ball

Where is Sole Produced?

The yarn is spun and dyed for us in Portugal in a family run mill with more that 50 years of experience with outstanding quality control following the strictest European standards (REACH) to guarantee the highest quality yarn. REACH is a regulation of the European Union adopted to improve the protection of human health and the environment from the risks that can be posed by chemicals.  It also promotes alternative methods to reduce animal testing for the hazard assessment of substances.

What can be knit with Sole?

The unusual combination of plant and animal fibres not normally found in a cotton yarn, make softly beautifully soft, delicate and shiny.  It is a yarn that can be used to knit all sorts of garments and accessories.  It is our number one yarn for baby garments and people with sensitive skin or people who are allergic to wool. 

What Are Our Priorities?

We pay specific attention to high quality, species-appropriate keeping of animals, fair-trade, and ecologically manufactured products. We have deliberately decided against working with intermediaries in order to guarantee a high degree of sustainability. This means we are closer to the product with high transparency, short trade routes and reliable quality control.

All the way through, from the fibre itself to the way we package our finished yarns, sustainability is a key element of our philosophy. Because we are concerned about our environment, our yarns are completely free of synthetic fibres, consisting solely of 100% natural animal and plant based fibres.  We avoid plastic wherever possible, so our packaging is also plastic free. 

Regardless of the weather outside or what season it may be, Sole is our invitation to create wonderful works of art and put the sunshine onto your needles.