Test Knitters Wanted

It is very important to us to put our designs to the test before publication. In addition to the technical editing, a test knitter ensures that the final patterns are error-free and easy to understand. That is why we are looking for YOU as a reinforcement for our test knitter pool.

Below, we have put together a brief overview of how you can become a test knitter and useful information about how we deal with test knits. 

Please read everything thoroughly before you apply to be a test knitter.

Yarns Used

Of course, we would be happy if you carry out the test knit with the original yarn. If you test a pattern for us, you will get a 10% discount on the original yarn for the test. This discount only applies to the yarn and the amount you need for the test.

In general, however, you can use any other yarn as long as it meets the specified weight and gauge. If you use a yarn other than a Pascuali yarn, you are not allowed to post pictures of the knitted garment in the Pascuali Facebook group or on our fan page at any time (not before and, of course not after the publication of the pattern) because the test is exclusively about projects made with our own yarn.

It goes without saying that you can keep the knitted garment once it is finished. 

Publication on Social Media

Until the pattern is published, no photos, questions about the pattern or even the pattern itself may be posted on public channels. If you have any questions, please always ask us directly and never in a public group.

Images of the pattern are generally not allowed in any media because the patterns are subject to our copyright.

Suggested Changes? Gladly, but ...

We also look forward to small suggestions for changes (e.g. to better adapt a piece of clothing in terms of its shape). However, these changes must be agreed upon with us so that we can ensure that the style and construction do not differ too much from the original design. Therefore, please always ask first and wait for our approval for the proposed change. Please do not make any unauthorized changes to the test pattern because the purpose of a knit test is to test the design in its original form and to check the pattern for comprehensibility and possible errors.

Your Feedback Is Important to Us!

Please give us feedback on your progress from time to time! For this we prefer communication via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. (Alternatively by email)

Please do not just simply knit the pattern, but let us know how the process went for you and whether there were problems or things that were not easy to understand:

• What wasn't clear?

• Did you find any spelling mistakes or a wrong wording?

• Are there any problems with the fit?

• Is there anything else worth mentioning?

Be sure to let us know. We appreciate your feedback!

This Is How a Test Knit Works

We will select the test knitters from our test knitter pool, assign the patterns to suitable knitters according to their information and contact them. Each knitter will receive detailed information about the yarn used, the weight and length, the required sizes, the techniques used, and, of course, photos or a sketch. Once you have received that, you can decide whether you have the time for the test knit and get in touch with us.

The Schedule Is Important

❗️There is also a deadline for the test❗️ 

Test knits are always associated with a start and end date because the publication date of the pattern is usually fixed before the test actually starts. Therefore, please only apply for a test knit if you can reliably meet the deadlines.

We need your reliable feedback for the respective size of the knitted piece in order to revise the instructions, if necessary, in good time before the publication date.

And this is how you can apply to be included in our pool of test knitters:

Send us an email to: stricken@pascuali.de and introduce yourself briefly:
  • How long have you been knitting?
  • Do you already have experience in test knitting? If so, for whom?
  • How do you rate your knitting skills - are you a beginner, advanced or professional?
  • What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses in knitting? (Cable pattern, FairIsle, etc) Please state both.
  • Please link us to your social media channels, if available: your blog, Instagram, Ravelry, etc., so that we can get an impression of your previous projects. However, this is not a must.
  • If you are not active on social media, please attach photos of your knitted garments if possible.
  • Please indicate which sizes you could use and which models (women, men, children) are suitable for you - also from several categories.
  • What is your preferred way of communicating with us - email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?
  • In which language would you like to test the patterns - German or English?