Pascuali & cashback: new yarns for old!

Old turns into new plus plus something good!

You still have some wool yarn at home for quite some time now. You do not knit with it, but it’s a pity to throw it out? We have a solution to this problem: We simply buy your wool and donate it to kindergartens, schools, universities and other institutions.

You receive one coupon over 10€ for a kilo yarn for our online shop. The minimum order value is 50€ per 10€-coupon or an order over 35€ for 5€ coupons. Maximum 20% discount is possible. You can also give away your coupon.

We assume that the high-quality yarns bought by Pascuali are not stored but also worn with pleasure.

You would pay the charges to us for the shipment of your yarn though, but we would bear the shipping costs of your order. You can send us all types of yarns, but please only wool in good condition because we want to make a donation.

A coupon is valid for six months after its issuing. For one sent kilo of your wool and with a minimum order of 50€, you get a 10€, coupon, for 2 kilo wool the minimum order amounts to 50€ or two times 50€. The coupon is not applicable for residual items, magazines and gift cards. This coupon is not combined with other campaign offerings.

As to the weight-rounding: always down to 500g. So 1650g would be a 15€ coupon for a minimum order of 85€ or 50€ one time (10€ coupon) and 35€ (5€ coupon).

How can you participate and send us wool? You just need to fill in our online form. The form has to be printed out then and enclosed with the consignment. Please do not forget the address and the postage! Unfortunately we cannot accept not franked packages. Of course, you can gather wool yarn from your friends and acquaintances and save postage or just bring your wool to us personally.

Participation deadline 29.02.2016

  • This action addresses only to the end user
  • Every coupon can be used just once.
  • A coupon is not changeable in cash.


Pascuali & cashback: steps


You have found still good wool, weigh it out and pack it together with the printed and completed online form into a suitable carton.


You bring the package with the indicated address and sufficient franking to the next post office.


You receive a corresponding credit note when ordering Pascuali yarns (from a goods value of 50€) and we will send you the wish yarn for free.


We donate the yarn received from you to the kindergartens, schools, universities and other institutions, so we do something good and give a lot of people real pleasure by what we do.

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