Designed by Bettina Wienecke
Pattern language: German
Skill level: Easy
Measurement/Size: 180 x 100 cm | 71 x 40 inch

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Product information

The “Swimming pool” design is the second shawl from the range whose names can all be linked with cocktails. It is knitted as a triangular shawl. The increases take place on one side, while the other side is worked straight up.

Concentration is required at the start of the shawl for the openwork. However, once you have finished the first motif in the pattern sequence, it becomes almost self-explanatory, and there are always the wrong-side rows to offer a little relief.
As the shawl progresses, slipped stitches are used for effect, and the shawl finishes with an openwork pattern that is also very intuitive to knit.

The colours chosen for the model for this shawl are reminiscent of Caribbean beaches and the cocktail “swimming pool”, making the name a must.

This model is knitted in our Bayak yarn. Bayak is a mix of 75% yak wool and 25% bamboo viscose with a length of 163 m per 50 grams.

The model measures around 180 cm on the long side and around 100 cm on the other two sides after blocking.

The wool kits contain the correct quantity of Bayak in each case in the combinations shown. Three colours are required. You need two skeins of the first colour and one skein of each of the other two colours.

Circular needles in the size 4 mm (or smaller or larger as desired, which is why a swatch is advisable) are required.

How do I get the pattern?

<p>The pattern will be sent as a PDF file.</p>