Designed by Bettina Wienecke
Pattern language: English, German
Skill level: Easy
Measurement/Size: 220 x 40 cm | 86 x 16 inch.

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Product information

The shawl Long Island is the beginning of a series of shawls whose names can all be connected to the names of cocktails. The beginning of the shawl is knitted like an asymmetrical triangle shawl and when the appropriate width has been reached its knitted straight on like a scarf before decreases are worked and it becomes asymmetrical again.

The wide part in the middle is knitted in stripes and in garter stitch. It can be worked fast because you don‘t have to concentrate on a pattern and you don‘t have to count. But don‘t lose sight of the consumption of the yarn.
During the parts which are knitted with increases or decreases you need some concentration for the lace pattern. After a while the pattern becomes easier and you don‘t have to look at the pattern in every row. The pattern then can be knitted fluently.

The lace pattern looks like small islands and because of the elongated shape of the shawl it got it‘s name „Long Island“.

For this model we used our yarn Pascuali Bayak. Bayak consists of 75% yak wool and 25% viscose made of cotton cellulose. The yardage is 163 m for 50 g.

The dimensions of this shawl are a length of 220 cm and the width is 40 cm.

The kit includes the appropriate amount of Pascuali Bayak in  the shown combinations. You need two skeins of each colour. You also need a circular needle 4 mm/US 6 (possibly alos bigger or smaller according to gauge).

The kit for Shawl Long Island is available here: Kit Shawl Long Island

How do I get the pattern?

<p>The pattern will be sent as a PDF file in&nbsp;German and English.</p>