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Product information

This flattering, lock-free cardigan in light gray-blue is patterned with jacquard borders in blackberry and may green. The yarn for this luxury model, balayage, consists of four fifths of the hair from baby alpacas and one fifth of extra-fine, mulesing-free organic merino wool.


Kit content

<p>6, (7,&nbsp;8)&nbsp;x 50 g&nbsp;<a href="https://www.pascuali.de/strickwolle/strickgarne-nach-material/alpakawolle/balayage/a-1612041681" target="_blank">Pascuali Balayage</a>&nbsp;(80% Baby alpaca, 20% Bio Merino)&nbsp;in colour A;&nbsp;1, (1,&nbsp;1)&nbsp;x 50 g Pascuali Balayage&nbsp;in colour B;&nbsp;1, (1,&nbsp;1)&nbsp;x 50 g Pascuali Balayage&nbsp;in colour&nbsp;C and&nbsp;1, (1,&nbsp;1)&nbsp;x 50 g Pascuali Balayage&nbsp;in colour&nbsp;D.</p> <div title="Page 1"><p>Colours used in&nbsp;the pictured sample:&nbsp;<br />Colour A = Sankaltay 614<br />Colour B = Umayo 618<br />Colour C = Misti 606<br />Colour D = Machu Picchu 610</p></div>

Required tools (not included!)

<p>Knitting Pattern<br />Circular knitting needle 10 UK / 3 US in different engths<br />Needles 0 UK / 3 US<br />Crochet hook 3.5 mm&nbsp;<br />Auxiliary yarn<br />Stitch markers<br />Mesh fastener</p>

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