Designed by Pascuali filati naturali

Construction: knitted
Skill level: Easy
Pattern language: German, English
Measurement/Size: 25 X 130 cm (9 x 51 inches)
Used yarn: Cairo 4
Needle: 3,5 mm | 4 US / 4 mm | 6 US

Matching yarn package: <p><a href="" target="_blank">Lumberjack Scarf</a></p>

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This men's scarf is excellent for long walks in the forest during the cold winter months. It is double sided and knit in a simple, elegant, masculine pattern. The scarf has an optimal length and width  so that it makes the perfect accessoire for a winter coat. It is also suitable for women: in a burgundy colour, it is sure to be an absolute eyecatcher!

Cairo 4 is a very soft yarn made from the undercoat hair of young camels. Camel wool is thermo-regulated which keeps the animals warm in the cold and cool in hot temperatures.  This means the yarn is extremely breathable making it ideal for all kinds of garments. 

You will need the following amount of yarn:

6 x 50 g (109 yds)  Pascuali Cairo 4 (100% Camel hair) in the chosen colour.

The following needles are needed:

US 4-5 (3.5 mm) 
US 6 (4 mm)
Tapestry needle and scissors

The original design as seen on the photo has been knitted in colour 01.

If you are looking for the knitting kit including the pattern and the yarn, you can get it HERE.


<p>You will receive the pattern by email as PDF.</p>