Designed by Pascuali filati naturali

Measurement/Size: 98 (104; 110)
German, English
Skill level: Easy

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Product information

The mittens are knitted in rounds from the cuffs to the fingertips. The back of the mittens is in a moss stitch pattern, while the inside hand and the thumb are done in stockinette stitch. 

The sizes 98 (104; 110) correspond to the hand lengths 4,72 (5.12; 5.51)” = 12 (13; 14) cm. 



Kit content

<p>Pattern (optional)<br />1 (1; 1)&nbsp;x 25&nbsp;g&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">Pascuali Cashmere Worsted&nbsp;</a>(100% bio cashmere)&nbsp;in the chosen colour.</p> <p>(Colours of the pictured sample: colour 50)</p>

Required tools (not included!)

<div><div><p paraeid="{09c39d32-57f4-4850-a329-5839f5dbcb0e}{89}" paraid="1563234314">US 2.5&nbsp;(3 mm)&nbsp;DPNs&nbsp;&nbsp;<br />or needle sizes required to get gauge&nbsp;<br />Stitch marker&nbsp;<br />Tapestry needle and scissors&nbsp;</p></div></div>

How do I get the pattern?

<p>If you order the knitting kit with the pattern, you will receive the pattern by email as PDF.<br />The pattern is included in the magazine Pascuali Collezioni Kids&nbsp;1.<br />To buy the Pascuali Collezioni Kids&nbsp;1 with all patterns of the collection, please click&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>.&nbsp;</p>