Designed by Pascuali filati naturali

Construction: knitted
Skill level: Intermediate
Pattern language: German, English
Measurement/Size: 34/36, (38/40, 42/44, 46/48, 50/52)
Used yarn:
Needle: 4,5 mm | 7 US

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This cardigan shows a very nice border in cable pattern. Despite of this seemingly tricky design, even beginners would be able to knit it.

A delicate and light cardigan knitted with two threads of Suave. Suave is soft like cashmere but it is 100% cotton. Therefore, it is a fantastic yarn for people with allergies and vegans. Suave brings a wide variety of colours. Suave has a unique feel. The fibres are not spun and twisted but rather free and held together by a “mesh” (of cotton yarn).


You need:

Size 34/36: 275 g Pascuali Suave
Size 38/40: 300 g Pascuali Suave
Size 42/44: 350 g Pascuali Suave
Size 46/48: 400 g Pascuali Suave
Size 50/52: 450 g Pascuali Suave

circular needle 7 US | 7 UK (4.5 mm)
cable needle
tapestry needle and scissors

The original design as seen on the photo has been knitted in colour: 62 (baby grey blue).

Choose a lot of other colours HERE


<p>The pattern will be sent as a PDF file.</p>