Pascuali: natural wool and  textiles from natural products


The young Cologne wholesale and retail company Pascuali was founded in 2008. We have specialized in the Europe-wide marketing and sale of knitting yarns and textiles made of natural wool. All our products, whether natural wool or garments, distinguish on high quality and are designed according to the particular needs of our clients. We respect not only the environment in each production phase but also hard work and endeavors which characterize true handwork.     

Knitting yarn of the highest quality

Those who love to knit beautiful woolen things, find a wide range of natural wool at our house. You can very simply buy high-quality alpaca, angora, yak and cashmere in our online shop. Our knitting yarn comes from all over the world and is a 100 per cent natural product. In order to fulfill the social and ecological criteria for natural wool, we normally work together with yarn manufacturers, which produce on a sustainable basis. In addition to cashmere wool we also offer extraordinary knitting yarn made of milk protein fibres, yak and quiviut yarn, bamboo or maize yarn.

Natural wool of Pascuali: for all who appreciate quality

Also those who look for the finished natural textiles from cuddly cashmere or vicuna wool are at the right place with us.

Wool and yarns are also available here in a wide variety. Every natural wool yarn has specific properties. While milk yarn with its light antibacterial effect is suitable for people with allergies and babies, merino wool and alpaca wool are very warming. Angora wool is very stain-resistant, light and possesses a high grade of warmth retention capacity as well. Our natural wool yarns are available in different colors and designs. It is best to browse through our web page and inform yourself about the specific properties of different types of natural wool.

Knitting yarn for retailers and designers

We offer yarns for retailers, designers and dyers. Furthermore, there is a whole set for creating of your own fashion collection, design, yarns, production and packaging. Everything under one roof!

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