Designed by Pascuali filati naturali & Viktoria Maria Strickdesign

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Product information

It‘s finally here. After many hours of creativity, countless hours of thoughts and passionate dedication, we are really excited to present our very first Pascuali fashion collection. 
Those who know us know that we are not afraid of hard work and always strive to do our best to bring you the latest trends. We are passionate about textiles, and this collection brings together our sustainable exclusive yarns with the latest and most popular knitting styles and techniques. 

All of the designs are knitted without any seams and most of them are knitted in the round from the top down, and each pattern contains precise knitting instructions. It was our pleasure to work in collaboration with Viktoria Maria Strickdesign, a design team based in Graz, on Liliana and Munja. 

However, none of the fourteen knitting patterns have been included in the booklet. With a good reason. In order to help protect the environment and to make the instructions as clear as possible, all of the patterns are available as PDF downloads instead. By doing this it has meant that we have been able to drastically reduce the amount of paper used in the booklet, while still providing clear and detailed instructions for each pattern. 

You can order the pattern individually aswell:
Pattern Pascuali Collezioni Book 1

For each pattern there is a knitting bundle including the pattern and the required yarn:
Knitting bundles for Pascuali Collezioni Book 1

How do I get the pattern?

<p>There is a scratch code in the booklet, which you can enter at or at You will also receive all instructions as a PDF in English and German. The code can be found on page 40/41.</p>