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Detergent with Soapwort Extract

We spent a long time looking for a really gentle, biological detergent that met our requirements for sustainability and environmental compatibility. 

Our new Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent is particularly gentle and can be used with all fibres.  It consists of easily biodegradable ingredients and soapwort extract - a plant that has been used for washing laundry since the Middle Ages. 

Our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent with soapwort extract is a universal detergent for hand and machine washing. The soapwort extract ensures a mild wash. It can be used with delicate fibres such as alpaca, cashmere and silk. Regardless of the water hardness, it can be used with temperatures between 86° F (30°C) and 203° F (95°C). The lactic acid in the detergent ensures natural softening of the water and reduces limescale deposits in the washing machine thus minimizing the use of decalcifying agents and fabric softeners.

All ingredients are biodegradable and made from renewable raw materials.

The detergent is certified by ECO-Control according to the latest Nature Care Products Standard NCP. This standard is an environmental label for everyday care products including washing and cleaning agents made from natural ingredients that do not pollute the environment.

  • 200 ml recyclable glass bottle with wooden cap
  • for up to 20 hand washes
  • No dyes or fragrances
  • Suitable for people who are allergic to fragrances
  • Without animal testing
  • Vegan
  • Free from enzymes
  • Made from high quality, renewable raw materials
  • Made in Germany


In the washing machine: 1 cap per wash cycle for 4.5 kg dry laundry
Hand wash: approx. 10 ml (one teaspoon) to 5 l of water. Soak the knitted piece gently without shaking. Rinse and gently squeeze out excess water. Do NOT wring. Lay it flat to size on a towel to dry in a cool place.
Note: Please always follow the care instructions given by the manufacturer to ensure that your clothing is optimally cared for!

Information on the ingredients according to EU regulation 648/2004

  • 5-15% nonionic plant tensides (coconut oil)
  • <5% anionic plant tensides (coconut oil)
  • <5% herbal soft soap (rapeseed oil soap)
  • <5% soap wort extract
  • Lactic acid (reduces limescale deposits and saves softener)
  • Water
  • benzyl alcohol
  • pH value ~ 8.5

More information about our Wool & Cashmere Organic Detergent HERE.